Our last class for all our programs include a photoshoot. With our 4 Week/5week Program this is their last class. With our Master Makeup Program they have a few photoshoots to build their portfolio. This is our students opportunity to showcase what they’ve learned throughout the course of our program. This varies, sometimes there are moments when we are extremely pleased with what they display, then there are moments when some students knock our “brushes” off with their wealth of talent and how much they've learned through our programs. Some of our students take the bold steps of using bright and luscious colors, some go extra nude but still manage to showcase their excellent understanding of the basics and some students even do flawless enough makeup to challenge our instructors. Must we go on? As you can already tell we love gloating about our student talents.

Raving aside, it is always inspiring even for our team to see our students evolve and grow through makeup. The society sees makeup as an unnecessary product which exists to cater to peoples vanity. When in reality something such as makeup has the ability to transform people, and even give them the much needed confident boost in an over critical society. It is always a honor for us to have the ability to give our students the tools they need to be inspired to pursue this field. 

We appreciate our students work through and through. The student showcase page is a hub for us to to do just that. We have many more in our archives which we promise to upload with due time. We hope you are as inspired as we are perusing our brilliant graduates flawless artistry skill set!