Advanced 2-week Makeup Program. Level 2: Fashion


Advanced 2-week Makeup Program. Level 2: Fashion

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This advanced session is designed for trained makeup artist looking to take their skills to the next level. This will prepare you for the competitive edge to the ever growing makeup industry by mastering the skills you will need to pursue your goals as a makeup artist. The small class size will give you the opportunity for the direct attention and critiquing from Nina’s makeup team. Upon completion of this 2 week program you will feel confident and be prepared to work in varying fields of the makeup industry.

  • Students are required to sign up for interview before the purchase
  • Full attendance is required to receive a completion certificate.
  • Each session 5 hours a day for 2 days a week with a total of 4 sessions
  • Maximum enrollment of 8 students per session to ensure individual attention.
  • Class Level: Advanced
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Lesson #1: Period Makeup Looks

  • Makeup applications 1920's-1990's

Lesson #2: High Fashion and Catwalk

  • Fashion & Runway Makeup looks
  • Creative makeup looks for catalogues, magazines, high fashion publications and catwalks
  • How to create inspired looks to fit a catwalk shows designs
  • Blocking out eyebrows
  • Gold and silver leaf application
  • Use of studs, stencils, glitter and other materials
  • Makeup for male models

Lesson #3: Business, Branding, Marketing. TV/PHOTO/VIDEO & Creative Makeup

  • Freelancing
  • Building a website
  • Social media
  • How to network efficiently in the beauty industry
  • TV or photoshoot makeup techniques
  • HD (High Definition) Makeup
  • Creative makeup application
  • Product selection

Lesson #4: Photoshoot

  • Graduation photoshoot
  • Working on set