Portfolio Building for Makeup Artists


When I was just starting out one of the biggest challenges I went through was showcasing my work. Yes, I took pictures from my phone and managed. But photo editing wasn’t as accessible to all as it is now. So this meant working tirelessly to find photographers and models to collaborate with to build a portfolio to represent my work as a makeup artist. One thing as makeup artists we all need is a portfolio. Yes, clients look at experience, credentials and many other things, but before any of that what they look at is the portfolio. The models, the photoshoots and then they move on to your credentials.

So how do we artists starting out find a way to do this? We could always turn to websites such as Model Mayhem to find models and photographers looking to work for credit, this is of course a great way to get your work showcased. There are ample amounts you could find out there. But if you are looking for more hands on guidance and training when it comes to photoshoots, you always have different programs out there! Yes! We Nina Mua Makeup School has launched its very own Portfolio Building Makeup Program! I am very excited to share this with you. I have waited for a while to put this program together, because I know the importance and the guidance required having the best possible portfolio when embarking on this career path.

Our Portfolio Building Program includes,


  • 20 in class training hours
  • Opportunity to work closely with our photographers
  • Receive one on one attention from our experienced professional instructors
  • 4 Photoshoots
  • 5 retouched photos from EACH shoot (Total of 20 Pictures)
  • Products and Supplies needed for successful completion.

Our photoshoots are focused on topics which are vital to publicize to attract a wide variety of clientele.

The photoshoots focus on,

  • Natural Beauty
  • Glamour Makeup
  • Bridal Makeup
  • Creative Makeup

Each of these topics were handpicked by me for very specific reasons. Natural Beauty for example, we all know the clean Chanel look we see all over in the high fashion magazines, runways as well as the everyday look in most celebrities such as Kendall Jenner. This is very important for a makeup artist to perfect because if you could showcase this you are bound to have attract very high end clientele and also work in different high fashion runway shows. Glamour Makeup, the classic red lip never goes out of style, this is a given. Should I even go over with you why Bridal Makeup is of importance? But you see why I have chosen this topics for you.

Our program will give you the opportunity to work with our highly experienced instructors who will guide you on how exactly you should build your portfolio. You will not only receive the one on one attention but also, training on how to work at photoshoots using face charts, mood boards and much more.

I am extremely excited to show this program with you because it was always my goal to share with you everything I have learned throughout the past years. I know this portfolio building program is going to put the cherry on top to all that you’ve learned as a makeup artist whilst capturing your potential client attention through your best work.