The Importance Of Attending A Makeup School

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The Importance Of Attending A Makeup School

If you can dream it, you can do it! Taking the first steps to becoming a certified professional makeup artist can seem like  a challenging task, but remembering that every expert was once a beginner can push you to pursue what you love. Sometimes, you may not even discover your love for something until you decide to try something new.

This is exactly what happened to Moria Sokol, a graduate of Nina MUA. Moria enrolled in the Intensive 4-Week Makeup Artistry Program, and fell in love with makeup once she attended classes. Moria is a real estate agent, who at the time did not wear makeup often. During the winter months when the real estate market was slow, Moria decided to register for makeup classes just for fun. However, Moria claims it was love at first sight; something that was not meant to be taken seriously developed into a passion for her. Today, Moria is a part-time freelance makeup artist, after receiving her diploma upon course completion.

Moria credits the makeup classes as the source of her knowledge, and her motivation to take makeup to new professional heights. During the 4-week program, Moria learned the basics of makeup application, as well as the inspiration to pursue a creative career path. She stresses that one really needs to learn the fundamental principles in order to become a professional makeup artist.  Moria also believes that whatever course you choose to take, your success still depends on how much you practice and your desire to succeed. There is no such thing as practicing too much as a makeup artist, and we all know that practice makes perfect. This is why Moria first began practicing her skills on family, friends, and anyone who was willing to sit with her. In addition to this, Moria also took job opportunities where she provided services free of charge. Not only was this a way to gain experience, but it also help Moria market herself to potential clients, and also helped her get jobs through customer referrals.

Through taking classes at Nina MUA, Moria was able to acquire the skills needed to start working on her journey to becoming a successful makeup artist. In an industry where the competition is stiff, having a formal education is the very best option. Becoming certified gives you an advantage because people will recognize the dedication and hard work that you have put in to perfect your craft. One of the biggest advantages of attending a makeup school is that you are being taught by industry professionals, who have all been tried, tested and have a wealth of knowledge to share. You have the chance to learn from and present your capability to individuals who have made a name for themselves in the business.

Many people who are interested in becoming makeup artists believe that learning on their own at home or from Youtube will be sufficient in becoming a successful artist. While Youtube can be helpful and act as an inspiration, Moria claims that actually attending a class in-person would be more valuable. She states that although a student can’t exactly learn everything in the classroom, the same goes for Youtube, which is a short-cut process. Many video tutorials may skip steps and not show you the whole process of the application, which is why many viewers may feel frustration that their look did not turn out the same as the Youtuber. In a class, you are walked through every step with an instructor by your side to guide you along the way.

Nowadays, Moria is getting busier and busier as the people that she had practiced on referred her to others. Moria does it all: proms, graduations, weddings and evening looks. Slowly but surely, Moria was able to build her career as well as her own studio. She believes in having proper lighting in her studio because she takes photos of her clients after the makeup application. Moria sees the importance of taking pictures right after because she can add them to her portfolio. In addition to this, Moria can also see how her work looks like when photographed, and if any final adjustments need to be made.

At Nina MUA, you will also have opportunities to build your professional network and make connections with models, photographers and even other artist. We also offer photoshoots to build and add to your portfolio; an important step to jump start your career.  

The advantages of enrolling at a makeup artist school cannot be overlooked. By receiving formal training, learning and starting from the basics, and allowing yourself to grow as a student, anyone can become the best professional makeup artist that they want to be. We are always ready to help you find the best program, and help to make your dreams become a reality.