3 Ways to Look Amazing This Chinese New Year

The year of the goat is upon us. The Chinese New Year (or Lunar New Year) is a huge celebration that can take as long as two weeks. During this time you may be invited to a few parties to which it's important not to come dressed up with chop sticks in your hair. Here are some tips for honoring the Chinese New Year in a modern twist. 

How to Wear Red on Chinese New Year

1. Bold Red Lips

If you've ever been to Chinese celebration you know that red is definitely a special color. It is said that red is the color of fortune and joy. Paired together with gold, the color of good luck (and also the official color of Imperial China), the duo evokes a feeling of strong Chinese pride.

This love for the color red is well documented throughou Chinese art, where women are shown with lips painted or partially painted red. Today red lips are a well known symbol of beauty. 

Hair for Chinese New Year

2. Structured Updo with Bold Accessories

If you're a fan of Disney movies, then you probably know Mulan. One of the most iconic scenes of the film is her transformation from feminine to masculine. She takes her hair out of the elaborate voluminous bun and leaves the floral hair pin for her family to find. 

To achieve a truly traditional look, go for a structured updo with flowers tucked to one side. If your hair is too short or you simply dislike putting your hair up, you can still incorporate a floral pattern into your outfit. 

Eyebrows for Chinese New Year