New Year, New You! Beauty Trends to Try in 2015

 Photo by  iulia Pironea

Photo by iulia Pironea

There's nothing better about the new year than the feeling of starting over. That goes for your beauty routine, too! Hopefully you've had enough time to ring in the New Year and get over the hangover by now because you've got plenty of primping to do before that "all new," feeling sinks in. Read ahead to discover what trends to follow in 2015 and feel free to leave your beauty resolution in the comments below! 

Fresh Skin

 Photo by  Zenspa1

Photo by Zenspa1

After all the shopping, traveling, and partying your skin is bound to be suffering from major stress overload. Now is the perfect time to give your skin a quick boost. There are many new skin care routines on the market that'll leave you feeling and looking absolutely radiant! 

What to try:
Japanese face shaving: no, it won't grow back thicker. Instead, nixing those facial fuzzies will make moisturizing and applying makeup much smoother.
- Oxygen facial: it's basically microdermabrasion with an extra boost of oxygen to help absorb moisture and perk your complexion.

Big Bad Gal Brows 

 Photo by  Walt Stoneburner

Brows have been slowly becoming a more central part of a woman's daily beauty routine. After all, those suckers are what shapes your face! This year, make it a resolution this year to rebuild your brow game with the help of a a professional. A seasoned makeup artist will be able to help you find the right shape and tint for your face type and hair color. 

In the meantime, you can still pump up your brow game at home by trying a brow-kit and clear or tinted brow gel. These are great tools for disguising that awkward in-between phase.

Nothing Better Than A New 'Do

 Photo by  Mainstream

Photo by Mainstream

When it comes to feeling new and amazing, a new hair style or color is pretty much as good as it gets. That new bounce, the compliments, being unable to keep your hands out of your hair - what's not to love? 

Now trending - long hair: a sleek middle part paired with healthy straight hair held together by a neat ponytail at the base of the neck. Secure flyaways and frizz with a tinted pomade. Wearing it down and straight is cool too, but make sure your hair is healthy! Middle part is mandatory.

Now trending - short hair: if you're ever going to try the mikado (aka bob or lob), now is the time. With many new variations of the 1920's inspired cut, there's plenty of room for creativity. You can go for a blunt chin-length cut or a slightly longer in front and shorter in the back shoulder length. Style with beachy waves or a lived in chop.

Now trending - color: it's time to say goodbye to the bold Ombré of yesteryear. This time around it's all about bold solid colors. If your hair is naturally dark, go for a deeper hue. If you're a blonde, think Gwen Stefani's golden bleach blonde.