Lessons from a Male Beauty Blogger

Makeup is everywhere. On every magazine cover, every actor on the screen, on the girl who made your coffee this morning, and sometimes on a face you'd least expect it on... your boyfriend's! Sure, it's not exactly mainstream for men to wear makeup, but there are those who do it and thrive!

But just because they are men doesn't mean you can't learn a thing or two from their techniques. Wayne Goss of Gossmakeupartist has been making videos for over six years now. His natural and fresh sense of style can be used for both men and women. Here are a few lessons anyone who wears makeup should try:

How to Save Money on Makeup

Everybody likes to save some cash here and there. In this video, Wayne shows us some very multi-functional products and smart ways to get more bang for your buck when it comes to brands. Don't forget to leave your comment here about what drugstore brand you swear by?

Top 5 Eyeshadow Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

This one's a biggie, ladies and gents. No matter what type of look you're going for, Wayne is here to remind you that being aware of you eye shape is extremely important when it comes to the makeup style you're going for. If you want to find out your eye shape, check out another male makeup artist's blog, Tommy Beauty Pro's post about eye shapes. 

How to Make Your Makeup Last Longer

When Wayne gives tips about how to wear foundation, you better believe he means business. In this video, the GossMakeupArtist makes some seriously sensible notes about how to avoid that flaky foundation look, keeping the oil from melting your powder, and even tips for those of us who use a wax based foundation. 

Everything You Need to Know About Brows

Take it from a man with some serious attention to detail. Eyebrows make or break your face and Wayne is here to show us all how. This tip applies for both men and women of all brow styles, so pay close attention!

I've been following Goosmakeupartist for a long time now and have been using these tips in my everyday routine since learning them. If you're into Wayne's style and think you might find more of his tips useful, you can go ahead and follow his blog on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

Now I'm curious to see your comments about Wayne's approach to makeup the tips I've featured here today.