She's SMOKIN! Smoky Eye Tutorial

Smoky is one of the favorite eye makeups for trendy women. Young ladies prefer this to have the trendy yet traditional “rock star” look. It is equally popular for aged people as it is a great way to hide the wrinkles and dark circles. Here are some tips to have the most perfect smoky eyes. 

smoky eyes nina mua
  • You have to be very careful to have a proper primer before you actually go for the smoky eye look. Without the proper primer the smoky eye will smear and settle into fine lines under the eyes. Use good a primer around the eyes and blend it well all over the face as well as lips so that the makeup stays long. 
  • As said in the beginning, a proper smoky look can hide the dark circles; you have to put great effort so that they become actually invisible. If you can’t hide the dark circles properly, you will actually ruin the sexiness of the smoky eye look. The existence of the dark circles will make you appear bruised instead of vampy! Simply use a creamy concealed along your under eye area with the help of a brush or the ring finger and blend it properly that the darkness is vanished. After blending the concealed, you have to use a fluffy brush to tap the translucent powder on the under eye area. This powder will help to catch the loose particles when you will be applying the eye shadow. You can wipe the powder off when you have completed the makeup.
  • Now it is time for the eye shadow. It is a myth that you need to use black shadow for the smoky look, but the fact is, you can create the look with grey, navy, plum, forest green or brown colours.
  • You must not have any harsh lines for the perfect smoky look. All lines must be softly blended at the edges and so, blending the lines is of immense importance to have the perfect look.
  • After the shadow part, you need to define your eyes with creamy black pencil. Make sure that there is no skin showing between the lashes and the pencil line.
  • Curled lashes are the musts for smoky eyes and you can get that by using the lash curlers. Just clamp the lash curler at the base of the lash and hold for five seconds. You can heat the curler with the blow dryer before curling as it will make the curls to last longer.
  • Your smoky eyes will be incomplete without mascara. Apply few coats of this to create the desired look.