I wanna be a Rockstar! Rockin Makeup tips for your inner Rock Goddess

Want to wake up the hidden rock star goddess within you? You have the traditional “rock” outfits in your wardrobe like the studded jacket, leather pants, ripped out shirts and boots? You have the perfect hairstyle to match the “rock” image? All you need now is to makeup  like a real rock star! 

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There is a great difference in general “good looks” and the great look of a rock star. Here are some really useful tips to help you to have the desired “rock” look:

  • You have to give your face a flawless look; you can use the spray foundation for the purpose. These foundations will provide the skin with a subtle glow and leave a great airbrushed effect. Blending is always important for the application of foundation and you cannot neglect it.
  • Use pressed powder to create the necessary highlighting effect. The pressed powder will eliminate the excess shine and remove all the discolorations as well as redness from the face. Pressed powder is very handy and you can carry it in the pocket as well.
  • Make the final touch with the blusher. It has to be something like bronze, gold or silver, so that you can have the real shine on your cheekbones.
  • The eye brow pencil is necessary to draw your brows. Gorgeous brows are important for the “rock star” look as they shape the eyes and give them a lift by making the face look younger and fresh.
  • The eye shadow will highlight the eye lid and give great definition to the eyes. Smoky eyes are one of the best options for the “rock” look and it is great for day as well as night. You can go for the traditional smoky look with black-grey eye shadows or try the colorful smoky look with some bright colors.
  • The eyeliner will help to define the eyes in the way that you want them. Black liner is the greatest option for the “rock” look. 
  • The finishing line of the eye makeup is to be done with the mascara and you will need really thick layer of mascara to get the desired look.
  • The “rock star” look will be incomplete without the lips. You have to put color to your lips in such a way that they make you stand out from everyone else. The color has to be shiny and real dark. When you color your lips with shades of red, you get what you can call the real rock goddess look!