Fake it like a pro: Top Makeup Tips from the PROS

Commonly, women do not always have the necessary training and experience to be a makeup PRO, but here are some tips that will enable you to become one when you are actually not.

  • The skin is the most essential part to take care in the makeup process. There is no makeup that can provide you with the perfect skin. Actually the basic task of makeup is to hide the flaws in the skin. When you have really good skin, the makeup process becomes easy and lasts long. A perfect skin comes from what you eat and how you take care on a regular basis. When you do not have flawless skin, you have to use the makeup in such a way that the defects get hidden. The first thing to do is to exfoliate the flawed skin with the help of tones so that you do not have to apply makeup to the dry and ashy skin.
  • After the exfoliation, use moisturizer with the help of a foundation brush. With this tool you will get a level of consistency to the moisturizing application and your foundation will have a creamier as well as sheer application.
  • It is a myth that only aged women use an eye cream. Young ladies can use the eye cream as it adds a glittery effect to the eye.
  • If you have the skin with a yellow-tone tint, it is necessary to add some color to make it warm. 
  • Blending is the most important aspect of perfect makeup. Blend the foundation perfectly so that you do not end up with a patchy look. 
  • Applying the pressed powder is very important part of makeup. You have to apply a light coat of powder on the forehead as well as area around the nose to get a shine free look.
  • You can have a well sculpted look when you apply the blush high on the cheek bone and far away from the nose.
  • When you use fake eye lashes, be careful so that they do not float on your skin. Bring them down to your natural lash line and they will appear to be completely natural.
  • Avoid green eye makeup during the spring. Green color on your eyes can make your eye look redder. You can go for navy blue shadows as this color has the optical effect that actually leaves the white portion of your eyes to look brighter.
  • Store your lipsticks in the refrigerator during summer. They will remain hard and last longer.

Nina Mua

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