Pony Tales: Summer Hair Trends

A ponytail is the hair style in which some or all the hair is pulled from the face and gathered on the back of the head with the help of a hair tie, clip or similar devices and the remaining part is allowed to hang freely from that point. It has been named so as it resembles the tail of a pony. Most common ponytails are gathered at the middle of the back of the head or at the base of the neck. With the variations in fashion, ponytails are also worn at the side of t he head or on the very top of the head. 

ponytail nina mua

The versatile hairdo:

This hair style is never out of fashion simply because it is very much versatile. There are endless patterns in which a ponytail can be worn. It can be sleek, messy, textured, perky, straight, low, high and many more. It is a formal hair do as well. 

Why suitable for summer?

A ponytail is one of the best hair styles suitable for summer season. When we talk about summer, we need something that gives us comfort while retaining the desired look. Ponytails of various types are ideal for the season as with this you can keep the hair tied up at a single point without much effort. When you have your hair tied up at one point, you do not need to worry much about to keep the whole thing managed. It relieves you from the heat and accompanying sweat. As a whole, a ponytail is very convenient as well as useful. As said earlier, it is both formal and informal. You can try a simple ponytail to match your formal outfit or can also go for a decorative or messy one for a casual dress.


Things to care for:

In general, ponytails need to be tied tightly, but we should try to treat the hair as gently as possible. You must not feel like giving a mini facelift when you wear a ponytail. Very tight ponytails actually yank on the delicate hairs in the front of the scalp and thus you need to be very careful while you tie your hair in this pattern. The best idea is to change the location of the ponytail as in the purpose you can avoid abusing the same hairs in the same way repeatedly. 

There are endless ways of wearing a ponytail and you can create a whole new one for yourself. Ponytail is the most common yet very individual type of hair do that will enable you to have great look in summer.