Wedding Hair: Up Do or Up Don't !!??

Wedding - the most coveted event of a lifetime, needs the bride to prepare herself in a “never before” look. She wants to be the best looking bride and ventures in the remotest corners of makeup and hair dos. The wedding dress, makeup and hair do has to be the most perfect to create the greatest wedding look and these things go hand in hand. With a great wedding dress, you have to match up with the right makeup and obviously the perfect hair style. To talk about the wedding hair do, there are certain things that are “compulsory” else you may land up to the wrong one and ruin your event. 

wedding updo nina mua.jpg
  • You may have a certain hair style in your mind and your hairstylist may have suggested the same way. But are you sure that you will be comfortable with it? Are you sure that you will really look great with it? The obvious answer is NO! It is very important for you to get a feel of how your hair will look on the wedding day. Your stylist may charge you for the test run, but do spend that money to make sure that you will actually look as you desire.
  • When you choose the hairstyle for your wedding, make sure that you look like “yourself”. You must not pick a hairstyle that will make you totally different from what you are. You obviously want to different than the regular days, but that does not mean you will change the basic look of yourself. Your bride may not like the changed look of yours!
  • Be free to tell your stylist if you are not comfortable with the hair do. If a pin is making you uncomfortable, ask the stylist to change it at once. It will be easier for both you and your stylist make the change when the process is on. You express it at the end and it will take great time and effort to make the thing suitable.
  • Wedding hair do is the time when you can add a bling to your hair. It may be a veil or a jeweled comb or a special brooch, just ask your stylist to use it in your hair do. 
  • Consider the climate when you decide the hair style for the wedding. Do not go for wearing your hair down in hot and humid climate. You will end up looking messy at the end of the event.
  • You don’t have to keep your hair long for the fashionable hair dos. You have the shoulder length hair and you can go for any styles!
bridal updo nina mua.jpg