Fields You Can Work In As A Makeup Artist

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So you’ve finally graduated from makeup school, and maybe you’re feeling a little lost in what you want to specialize in. It’s not true that you can only do one specific type of makeup, there are many fields that are in need of your skills.

Have a look at the list below, and see which one sparks your interest. You have a world of opportunities coming your way! Some options include:

  1. Film and Television

  2. Runway

  3. Print

  4. Bridal

  5. Theater and Performance

  6. Freelance or Independent Artist

Don’t feel confined; you have plenty to choose from!

1. Film and Television

This includes being on the set of films, television shows and commercials. Even if actors do not need any special effects makeup (no aliens here!), makeup artists are still needed to help the director shape the appearance of the characters and make their vision a reality. Of course, reading the script thoroughly is crucial, as it is your duty to breathe life into a character and make them more three-dimensional.

In many cases, film and television require a natural but “enhanced” look, as filming in HD captures everything. If you also know how to style hair, then you’ve got a huge advantage. Most sets have separate artists for hair and makeup, but knowing both will make you more favorable for hire. You might even get to work with celebrities!

2. Runway

Do you have a love for fashion? If you do, then perhaps working in the fashion industry is your calling! Working as a runway makeup artist is fast-paced, but is also filled with fun. You will have the chance to showcase your skills on a variety of models with different skin tones and facial features.

Through hard work and showing a high level of professionalism, you may be able to work your way into becoming the key artist. If so, you may have the opportunity to design the makeup look. The runway looks tend to affect the trends for the upcoming seasons and you’ll be credited as a trend-setter!

3. Print

There are different fields under the umbrella of print. Similar to film and television, print advertisements and commercials go for a more subtle and natural look. In the case of shooting for fashion, because you would be selling a lifestyle or brand image, you’re also focusing on the mood and the feel of the brand/product itself. While working in print, you may be required to follow the direction of the director.

Working in print can be a very lucrative career path, and will also allow you to have opportunities to network with photographers, models and producers. You will be able to show off your makeup skills. Another plus to working in this field is that you get to have your work published in print or online.

4. Bridal

Many brides are in need of a professional makeup artist to help them achieve a stunning bridal look on their big day. The bridal party may also be in need of getting their makeup done. A career as a bridal makeup artist requires you to not only have the necessary skills in makeup application, but also the charm to work with stressed brides.

Although makeup artistry can be one of the many competitive fields with long irregular hours, it can be very rewarding. Word-of-mouth recommendations help to build up your clientele and each wedding that you work on adds to your professional portfolio. You might even get to become published if the bride submits her photographs to a bridal publication.

5. Theater and Performance

Stage and theater can cover anything from makeup used in actual stage performances to special effects makeup in movies. Local theaters and of course Broadway need theater artists. What would The Lion King be without the makeup artists!

One of the main responsibilities as a theatrical makeup artist is to maintain makeup during production to compensate for lighting changes. In addition to this, you may be required to do some background research on the production. For example, it may be a good idea to gather historical images that may help you with understanding any era in the past. Also, finding information and visual material on different countries and cultures will be beneficial. This research will help you to craft realistic depictions.

6. Freelance or Independent

If you dream of becoming your own boss, then pursuing a career as a freelance or independent artist may be just what you need! You can set your own schedule and make your own decisions on which jobs you want to or do not want to take on.

Freelancing involves a lot of work, especially when you are just beginning this journey. However, it can be a very liberating and rewarding career. You get to meet a lot of new people and remain social as a freelance artist. You may even get to travel, and often your travel costs will be reimbursed. Say hello to the world!

If you want to become a makeup artist but you still want to have some control, then you should consider freelancing.

Regardless of what industry you would like to work in, becoming certified and practicing your skills is the key to becoming successful. At Nina Mua, we offer several programs to help you begin your new career! Becoming a professional makeup artist may seem like a challenge, but we’ll help you get there in no time!

5 Reasons To Trust Your Makeup Artist

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Whether you’re attending an important event or simply looking for a better way to apply a flawless application, there’s no doubt that a professional makeup artist knows all the tips and tricks to help you look your best.

While handing over the reins to your makeup artist may make you feel like you’re losing control, we give you the top reasons to put all of your trust in them:

  1. You will be camera-ready
  2. Makeup artists make your life easier
  3. Artists are confident with experience in the industry
  4. Makeup artists know what works and what doesn't
  5. Majority of makeup artists are professionally-trained. Just ask!

You’ll be picture-perfect all day

While putting on makeup is always a lot of fun, it takes a skilled eye to see the beauty and potential in each face. Your makeup artist is also skilled in making you feel at ease during the application process. Not only will you look amazing, but your makeup will last all day. Professional makeup artists use high-quality makeup products than the average makeup lover, and test the quality of cosmetics everyday.

Artists undergo years of professional training to keep up with the trends and techniques. Because they are certified through certain programs or classes, your makeup artist is knowledgeable and has the expertise to capture your beauty. It is without a doubt that they

Leave it up to the artist

Taking part in any event can cause you to become stressed. In any case, trusting your makeup artist completely lets you worry about one less thing. Having a professionally created and applied look that highlights your natural beauty cuts down on any stress that you may be feeling.  

Photography makeup is also different from your everyday makeup. A professional knows how to perfectly apply it so you look dazzling and photogenic in front of the camera. Your pictures will come out amazing, so you won’t have to worry!

Makeup artists are aware of techniques and theories

Given that your makeup artist has gone to makeup school, they won't graduate without the knowledge of all the explanations behind every swipe and color of makeup. This being said, they have an eye for what goes well with your skin tone, face shape, and facial features as a whole.

There are times when we see pretty pictures online with all the dazzling makeup but we tend to forget that all faces are different just like fingerprints! There are chances that makeup looks may or may not work on you, depending on your features. So in occasions that you want a certain look, a makeup artist can already tell whether it will be good on you or not. It is an opinion to be considered because, in the end, it will be your face carrying that look!

Have confidence

Entrust your makeup artist that they will be able to deliver a beautiful look on your special day. Your artist has shown their hard work and determination by attending makeup school, and you should have no uncertainty about their skills. So sit back and relax! You’re sure to have a beautiful outcome.

A step in asking yourself why you should trust your makeup artist is going back to why you hired him/her in the first place. Surely, you found something impressive about them. Perhaps they have an array of clients that they succeedingly transformed ready for occasions, or you found their portfolio online and it just felt like the perfect fit to have them.

Education and experience matters

These two aspects are incredibly important. A professional makeup artist has trained exclusively in the art of makeup. Through taking makeup classes, the artist has countless hours of practice on different faces, features and skin tones.

Artists are also taught by industry professionals, who have years of experience. Your artist has the essential skills to communicate effectively with you in order to achieve your vision for your special day.

With all these reasons, it’s not hard to see why trusting a professional makeup artist is the right thing to do. At Nina MUA, we train students to become successful and experienced makeup artists. If you’re looking to pursue a career in makeup artistry, we offer several courses such as the 4-Week Program for beginners to introduce you to the basics. Then there’s Advanced 2-Week Program if you want to go more into the fashion and business side of makeup artistry.

The Importance Of Attending A Makeup School

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If you can dream it, you can do it! Taking the first steps to becoming a certified professional makeup artist can seem like  a challenging task, but remembering that every expert was once a beginner can push you to pursue what you love. Sometimes, you may not even discover your love for something until you decide to try something new.

This is exactly what happened to Moria Sokol, a graduate of Nina MUA. Moria enrolled in the Intensive 4-Week Makeup Artistry Program, and fell in love with makeup once she attended classes. Moria is a real estate agent, who at the time did not wear makeup often. During the winter months when the real estate market was slow, Moria decided to register for makeup classes just for fun. However, Moria claims it was love at first sight; something that was not meant to be taken seriously developed into a passion for her. Today, Moria is a part-time freelance makeup artist, after receiving her diploma upon course completion.

Moria credits the makeup classes as the source of her knowledge, and her motivation to take makeup to new professional heights. During the 4-week program, Moria learned the basics of makeup application, as well as the inspiration to pursue a creative career path. She stresses that one really needs to learn the fundamental principles in order to become a professional makeup artist.  Moria also believes that whatever course you choose to take, your success still depends on how much you practice and your desire to succeed. There is no such thing as practicing too much as a makeup artist, and we all know that practice makes perfect. This is why Moria first began practicing her skills on family, friends, and anyone who was willing to sit with her. In addition to this, Moria also took job opportunities where she provided services free of charge. Not only was this a way to gain experience, but it also help Moria market herself to potential clients, and also helped her get jobs through customer referrals.

Through taking classes at Nina MUA, Moria was able to acquire the skills needed to start working on her journey to becoming a successful makeup artist. In an industry where the competition is stiff, having a formal education is the very best option. Becoming certified gives you an advantage because people will recognize the dedication and hard work that you have put in to perfect your craft. One of the biggest advantages of attending a makeup school is that you are being taught by industry professionals, who have all been tried, tested and have a wealth of knowledge to share. You have the chance to learn from and present your capability to individuals who have made a name for themselves in the business.

Many people who are interested in becoming makeup artists believe that learning on their own at home or from Youtube will be sufficient in becoming a successful artist. While Youtube can be helpful and act as an inspiration, Moria claims that actually attending a class in-person would be more valuable. She states that although a student can’t exactly learn everything in the classroom, the same goes for Youtube, which is a short-cut process. Many video tutorials may skip steps and not show you the whole process of the application, which is why many viewers may feel frustration that their look did not turn out the same as the Youtuber. In a class, you are walked through every step with an instructor by your side to guide you along the way.

Nowadays, Moria is getting busier and busier as the people that she had practiced on referred her to others. Moria does it all: proms, graduations, weddings and evening looks. Slowly but surely, Moria was able to build her career as well as her own studio. She believes in having proper lighting in her studio because she takes photos of her clients after the makeup application. Moria sees the importance of taking pictures right after because she can add them to her portfolio. In addition to this, Moria can also see how her work looks like when photographed, and if any final adjustments need to be made.

At Nina MUA, you will also have opportunities to build your professional network and make connections with models, photographers and even other artist. We also offer photoshoots to build and add to your portfolio; an important step to jump start your career.  

The advantages of enrolling at a makeup artist school cannot be overlooked. By receiving formal training, learning and starting from the basics, and allowing yourself to grow as a student, anyone can become the best professional makeup artist that they want to be. We are always ready to help you find the best program, and help to make your dreams become a reality.

The Power Behind Your Social Media

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Who would have ever predicted that social media in the beauty industry would boom into a $445 billion industry? With so many niche markets, social media is a vital tool to have in your arsenal to help propel your skills as a professional makeup artist. Not only is it the best way to build yourself, but it’s also the most inexpensive.

Social media, however, isn't just an outlet for you to post without any substance. There are things to be considered such as your target audience, message, and your goals. For example, as a bridal makeup artist, you want to showcase more before and after photos and those that generally display more makeup looks that a bride would typically look for. So it's also in your best interest to post these images in whichever platforms you are looking to be in. Here are some ways to increase your social media presence: 

Choose the right platform

With so many social media platforms available, making sure that you select the best one to showcase your work is your first step. Instagram is best for short-form content while still remaining visually appealing, while a platform such as Twitter is great for one-on-one engagement with your followers. These days, it is perfect for customer service because you can typically reply to any tweet, get a fast response, and be notified of it.

Another popular platform is Pinterest. It is a simple but effective way to help you increase awareness through posting images of your work. Creating boards to categorize your pins is helpful for a lot of users since it is easier to look for inspiration. Given that makeup is very visual, Pinterest and Instagram could be your best bet. But if other platforms work more effectively for you, go for it! Once you’ve chosen the platform, you’ll be ready to take the next step to grow your brand.

Reviews can make or break you

Online reviews are the modern-day version of “word of mouth”, so it’s easy to see why reviews are so important. When potential clients search for your brand, they want to see what an experience with you would be like. Having a 5 star rating builds your credibility and encourages others to leave reviews as well. The more reviews you have, the more reputable you are to clients, creating more opportunities for you!

Keep in mind that not everyone will leave a stellar review, but as long as you respond in a professional manner, this should not be a problem. Still be welcoming of the thought that you cannot please everyone, and this may be reflective in reviews they leave behind. Just put your best foot forward, always be positive, and keep going.

Be consistent

Having a regular stream of your work is crucial to growing the amount of followers you have. Most successful makeup artists post at least once day, although twice or 3 times is more effective. Keeping your content strictly about makeup and showing a different look with each post demonstrates your versatility and doesn’t present you as one-dimensional. It also gives you the chance to experiment with makeup! 

Do note that your amount of followers does not necessarily say so much about your success as a makeup artist. Some have very little followers but are booming in the business, and it could also work the other way around. 

Hashtags are your friends

Want to be discovered easily? Don’t forget the #hashtags! Including hashtags in your pictures and tagging makeup brands is an effortless way to get your name out there. Often, brands are looking for user-generated content to repost, which makes your job easier. Hashtags are also the perfect way to stay relevant in such a massive industry.

It is also an easy method for clients to discover you. Oftentimes, makeup artists use specific hashtags that match their location (e.g. #makeupartistnyc, #newyorkmakeupartist, #nycmua).


Building connections with creatives such as photographers, models and event planners allows more exposure and gives you a professional network that will last many years. Collaborating with other artists builds your portfolio and gives you content to use for marketing. This is a great way to demonstrate your abilities, and encourages others to reach out to you for new projects.

At Nina MUA, we offer our photo shoots in the Extensive 5-Week Program and Master Makeup Program. In this program, we book the professional models to lessen the hassle for you. This is a wonderful opportunity to build your portfolio and to add to your social media for content. It's also a great experience which you can share on any of your platforms, should you want to post more behind the scenes of your artistry. 

Maintaining Your Website As A Makeup Artist

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A website is not only a platform where you can display an array of your work. It is an extension of who you are as a makeup artist since the vibe your visitors get will tell so much about your professionalism. All makeup artists who are serious about their career have their own website, but it is not enough to just have any kind of website. Clients look for pages that make them feel "This is the one."

As a makeup artist, your resume is also important when you are applying for retail, corporate, and teaching positions in makeup artistry. But at the end of the day, employers are still drawn into asking for your portfolio, which should be found on your website for convenience. During interviews, it would be a plus if you had a physical portfolio but your website is what scores your interview in the first place.

Here are a couple of tips to maintain your website to get more clients:


Your website's job is to send out the appropriate message but it is essential not to overwhelm whoever visits your website. Don't put too many tabs, fonts, colors, and other designs. It is confusing for the eyes so it is better to keep it clean and simple. The more minimalistic your website is, the more your visitors focus on your makeup skills rather than their feedback on the appearance of your page.

Your website's aura should feel pristine. Take a look at other professional makeup artists' websites, merely for inspiration because your website should still be reflective of your own taste. When using fonts, maintain professionalism by using minimal fonts - around three to four kinds, but if you can make it two to three fonts, then better.


Loud colors are a big no on anyone's website. Your portfolio should be the one that is striking, and not the hues. All colors have meaning and you should choose ones that are calming and easy on the eyes. Shy away from colors that are bright. Safer ones to go with are usually white, black, gray, and those with lighter or neutral shades.

Colors may seem to be a small chunk of a website but it is highly noticeable. Make sure that you are also using colors that complement each other. Add to the balance of your website by using just the right amount of colors and sticking to a certain color palette.


While it is exciting to showcase all your images in one go, sometimes too many images on one page can be quite overwhelming. So it is a better option to compress them in small sizes and make others look forward to seeing your work by leading them to another page that has the full-size version.

You can also divide your pictures according to categories such as Beauty, Fashion, Editorial, Bridal, and the like. That way, your potential clients have a better understanding of the looks you do for specific occasions. This is also a tip to follow since your potential clients are most likely looking for a certain makeup look already. For example, if they are looking for bridal makeup but if your website is disorganized and the first photos they see are creative looks, there is a high chance that they may immediately pass.


Your layout may make or break your chances. It is one of the most important features of any website. Your layout will not only include the placement of your photos but also of your navigation bar. You also don't want to give anybody a hard time looking for the menu and the kinds of photos they are wanting to see. Create a user-friendly page that people of all ages are able to use whenever and wherever.

Remember that the more add-ons you have on a website (let's say widgets and other attachments), the slower your website may load. If it is too heavy, it may even crash if the Internet connection does not permit. If you can keep your layout as simple as possible, more people will want to browse through your whole website. Your home page is the most important of all the pages because it gives possible clients their first impression and if they are already unimpressed with the first page they see, they will no longer take the time to see the rest you have worked so hard on.


Believe it or not, even if clients are looking for makeup, they also want to see you. They want to be able to see the person they are to trust or even just have an idea what you look like. If you are meeting somebody for the first time, you would want to know who you are at least meeting, right?

In today's industry, people like to put a face to a name because it is more personable. In our Extensive 5-Week Program and Master Makeup Program, we highly encourage our students to dress up and make up the way they want to be photographed for their headshot on their last day which is their photo shoot. 

At Nina Mua, we have a student database. Companies and clients send their requests for Hair and Makeup Artists our way because they are looking for those who have been professionally trained. So we send them a list of our recommended graduates who have not only done excellent in their programs but also those who have a commendable website. The reason being is that those graduates have higher chances of getting hired because they show their portfolio with immense professionalism.

Meet Our Photographer: Evgeny Milkovich

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Evgeny Milkovich is a New York-based fashion/beauty photographer hailing from Ukraine. His passion started as a teenager and he knew within that to create original ideas is what sets his soul on fire. What did he do? He went to school for it. He graduated from 2016 Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts with a full course on Photography. 

He set foot in New York, in hopes of starting his career in The Big Apple. While there are numerous opportunities in his hometown, he felt that a new place with a different crowd would help him grow. Artistic minds were everywhere and he firmly believed that opportunities are waiting. They just need to be found.

The start of his career was the hardest - especially being in an unfamiliar place. He didn’t know anybody, the culture was different, and getting connections was difficult. He had to take unpaid jobs, which he does not regret in any way because these gigs are most often the more exciting ones. These are the projects that constantly spark his inner creativity so he feels lifted for what he does. For him, not all paid jobs are inspiring but of course, you still have to remember that there is rent to pay, bills to remit, and a stomach to fill.

About four years ago, Evgeny's first photo was published on Vogue Italia. It’s a project for photographers like himself. He said anybody can apply, but you would just have to go through editors and approvals. It’s not easy but it’s possible. It’s a hub where you can extend your portfolio. Today, we are proud of him for making it yet again to Vogue Italia - this time with our student as the makeup artist!

thijin pearl.jpg

This is Thijin, a model from EMG. She’s one of the sweetest individuals we have met in our studio; a very free-spirited and talented model. You can definitely trust that she will give justice to your work. Her makeup was done by our Extensive 5-Week student named Jessica Feintisch whose goal was to create makeup with texture that popped off the face. She went to the craft store looking for adornments such as flowers, gemstones, and sequins; but of all things she saw, the pearls seemed visually perfect for an added ethereal look.

We remember Jessica as a student from our Private Session, which is just a one-time 3-hour class with a professional makeup artist back in December last year. She felt that she walked away with so much knowledge from just those three hours that she decided to move forward with a 5-week long program. She took the weekend class which she felt encouraged her and gave her the confidence to pursue makeup as her full-time career.

thijin gold.jpg


After a little while, good news was extended. Eugene and another student of ours made it to Vogue Italia! She was in the same class as Jessica and her name is Viviana Martinez. They both took the Extensive 5-Week program together on the weekends with the intention of becoming a makeup artist. Viviana was inspired to incorporate gold since Thijin’s skin is undeniably beautiful.  She wanted to put some shine on her lids with a combination of a smokey eye.

Viviana took a makeup program because she has been fascinated with makeup since she was in 7th grade. The endless looks you can create and having control of your own creativity inspired her to become a makeup artist; but be surprised that this profession is only one thing for her full bucket list! So as always, keep dreaming, and you will achieve it just as long as you do something about it.

To quote Viviana on her experience with us, “Nina Mua school was fantastic! I had previously checked out the school and took a small tour, the price for the course and what you receive afterwards... wow! It was worth my every moment and it just an experience I can take away with me and grow!” Things like this keep us going. Everyday, they inspire us as we inspire them to fulfill their creativity.


Third time's the charm, they say - because this is Thijin's third time to be featured on Vogue Italia with Eugene as the photographer and our newly-graduated Master student, Jamie Lewis from June 2018. She was inspired by the week she was able work with foils during class. She was actually hoping to use foil for one of her photo shoots and she knew it was perfect timing when Thijin was assigned to her as her model. She described her face as gorgeous with high cheekbones, which was perfect for what she had in mind. The stunning earrings she picked certainly completed the whole sophisticated look.

Jamie has always circled around the arts and design that it is no puzzle as to why she is making her way towards the makeup industry today. She was completely sure that being in the arts would be her passion and that transforming people from one look to another would be her dream come true. She felt that signing up with Nina Mua helped her improve her skills tremendously and developed her confidence in makeup and her own creativity. She knew from the minute she walked in the studio for a tour, that this would be her home to learn makeup. And as she describes it, it was a better experience than what she had imagined!

Her favorite part of the program was the fact that she belonged to a small group. This meant that she and her classmates were guaranteed individual attention. She is also grateful for her teachers that have been helpful from start to end. The fact that she also got to experience a real photo shoot with professional models and photographers was a dream for her creative freedom in terms of makeup and styling. Now that she has graduated from makeup school, she is certainly ready for what is more to come!

What To Do After You Graduate Makeup School

Not everyone has the opportunity to attend a makeup school and receive proper training. However, not everyone is also 100% sure where they will end up after completion. It’s no joke to spend your money on something you’re not absolutely sure about. But the thing is, how will you know if you don’t try?

You may think that makeup school is only for those who want to become a makeup artist, but you will be surprised to find out that many are actually interested because they just want to learn for themselves. Eventually, they go into makeup artistry as a career because attending a program can help you foresee what your future will be like. It will certainly not determine the totality of your career, but it helps.

If you are ever one of those that is curious what happens after finishing in a makeup school, keep reading as we will list down some realities that come with your chosen career.

  1. You continue to practice
  2. You polish your makeup kit
  3. You set up a name for yourself as a makeup artist
  4. You proceed to always learning something new
  5. You boost your portfolio


Being out of school does not mean you can now stop practicing and just work your artistry when you have clients. As a freelancer, there will come a time when clients are abundant on some days, and only a few in some days. More than anything, this should encourage you to go over what you have learned so you can sharpen your skills. Mastery shows that you are to be trusted by any clients, so take advantage of your free time by improving your own self.

You also don't want to leave your skills in the dust by thinking that you should only practice when you are in school. Graduating from a makeup school is only the start of your career, and it is only through practice that you will master techniques. It is highly recommended that you practice on friends and family to help you get familiar with different skin tones, face shapes, and facial features.


Makeup schools provide their students with a professional makeup kit. Oftentimes, these kits are made up of high-end products and some products that are for educational purposes only. With this being said, your makeup kit has to grow along with you. You have to remember that makeup has to do with trends, and since trends come and go, your makeup products also have to come and go.

Meanwhile, if you work with private clients, they tend to work with you more if you carry products that they love. Oftentimes, this is a gesture that makes them feel special. They get excited when they see a favorite in your kit, or when there is a new product in your kit that is hot in the market right now.


It’s never too early or too late to get your name out there. These days, what helps word of mouth is social media and having your own website. This allows a personal space where potential clients can connect with you. It’s where you can express your style as a makeup artist and let the world know you exist. 

It’s important to create your own website where clients can find everything about you, what you have done, and what else you can do in just one click. Entice them with your best works, and the same goes for your social media. Since makeup is pretty visual, an Instagram makeup page will be helpful. Showcase your work of art in your feed and make sure to include relevant hashtags so people can find you more. You will be surprised how many makeup artists are booked through Instagram itself!


Graduating does not guarantee that you know every technique. You always have to go out of your way to help yourself gain more knowledge. There are countless paid and also free workshops out there that you can take advantage of. This is also a great opportunity for you to network with other fellow makeup artists and learn from each other.

Even setting up a coffee date with a makeup artist you trust can help. Talking over anything about makeup technically will give you more ideas of how you can improve your own ways. There are also books out there which you can use as reference. But of course, at the end of the day, it is the application that will matter and not exactly the theory behind it.


One common mistake of makeup artists is stopping to build their portfolio. You never know how many more opportunities you will land on if you keep a strong portfolio. We always believe that this is like your golden ticket. It is your key to getting more clients and working in any part of the makeup industry. 

Eventually, you have to have a niche. If you want to focus on weddings, make sure to build your portfolio according to this need as well.

Why Brides Hire Professional Makeup Artists

why brides hire professional muas.jpg

Brides often have the jitters because they have so much on their mind - the guests, venue, dress, budget, makeup, and if they are marrying the right person! This is typically why brides look for professionals because they help them cross out a worry from their list. You just don't know but you can be a hero in someone's life. Here are some reasons why brides hire makeup artists on their big day:

  1. They want a worry-free wedding day
  2. They want a guaranteed long-lasting makeup
  3. They want someone they can trust even before the actual wedding
  4. Brides look for a photo-friendly natural makeup look
  5. Makeup Artists possess professional makeup products

There are tips and secrets that only a professional makeup artist can help us with. To explain further, read them below.

1. Brides don’t want any hassle on their day

Preparing for your wedding is a busy task, and it doesn’t stop on the day itself. Coordinating an event is always a daunting task because your to-do list just gets longer and longer. Oftentimes, problems arise right before the wedding so if these brides have the option to tick off one worry off their list, they will do so.

Putting on bridal makeup can take a few hours because it’s not only you who will need a glamorous look. Your entire family will be there, but of course, you are the center of attention so you will need more time to get that perfect look. No bride wants to think about their foundation shade on the day, or if their makeup will crease, so having a professional help them with that will make their day lighter.

2. They want a longer makeup

Brides will be out and about the whole day so you have to provide a makeup service that is sure to last them the entire night. Brides often opt for airbrush makeup application because this gives them a more flawless result and it lasts longer, especially with a primer. We would suggest that you go for a silicone-based primer since this helps your makeup stay longer; but the only thing is, it can be drying on your skin.

If you are also not sure about your skin type, your makeup artist will be able to determine it and apply the makeup on your with products that are right for you. There are also techniques that are only meant for oily or dry or combination skin types.

3. They want to make sure they will look their best on their wedding day

Any big event calls for rehearsals to make sure everything goes perfectly. It’s the same with a bride’s makeup, that’s why most ladies include a bridal trial when hiring a makeup artist. This helps them envision how they will look on the day, and it gets them more excited because they are confident with themselves.

This is also the part where they determine whether their makeup artist or hairstylist is the right one for them. It’s different when you are looking through their portfolio, also especially because your desired look may look good on others but not on you (and also vice versa). There are also brides who are not sure what look will fit them, and a makeup artist can definitely help you with this. They are skilled in knowing the right techniques for your features.

4. Brides want to look good on camera as they do in person

High definition quality can change how your makeup looks. Texture will be seen and colors are clearer, so HD makeup suits times like this best. The amount of makeup you also put will be captured on camera and what better way to make sure that you have just the right amount on your face than having a professional around?

Your tones are also to be determined, that way you will know which colors will sit perfectly on your skin. Makeup artists have been studying this their whole life if they have worked on various clients that come from different backgrounds. They are skilled when it comes to choosing the right colors that will give you a natural look in person and on camera

5. Professional makeup artists carry professional products in their kit

Daily makeup is far different from makeup that is meant for special occasions. This being said, there are also products that are tailored to such needs. On wedding days, makeup artists carry products that are meant for specific techniques that not all products can do.

With all these, makeup artists definitely make a bride’s life much easier. It eases all the decisions needed to be done for someone’s day. If you are a makeup artist who is looking into bridalmakeup artistry, you can take a 3-hour class specifically catered to airbrush or makeup techniques. But if you also want to learn more techniques along with airbrush application, a 4-Week Program for beginners will help you with all the basics. This particular artistry is great to start with and maintain because along the way, you are helping other women feel and look great.