Let's Do It: First Steps To Become A Makeup Artist

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Let's Do It: First Steps To Become A Makeup Artist

Many girls still in their teens discover secrets of makeup and learn to create unique images on their face with the help of cosmetics. Sometimes such a passion turns into a makeup artist profession, which is inextricably linked with dreams of becoming world-famous, working with celebrities, preparing models for shows, and receiving delighted comments and thanks from clients.

So where to start?

Here are the most critical steps that everyone will have to take on the way to their long-awaited dream:

1. Desire it

2. Believe in yourself

3. Be clear with what do you want

4. Practice. Like a lot

Craving can do a lot!

Decide for yourself that in the development of the profession, you will go to the end and do not drift in the face of difficulties.

Be honest with yourself and assess your capabilities.

Are you ready to invest in the development of this profession? Are you prepared for the fact that finding customers takes a lot of time? Are you ready to learn all the time?

To become a true makeup master, you need to believe in your abilities.

If there is any uncertainty in your skills, then there is a risk that you will eventually give up this creative business. To become a real MakeUp pro, you need to have a delicate sense of taste, skills in working with clients, an individual creative potential;

Be clear about what level of skill you want to master.

If you are trying to learn how to do neat makeup, then all you need to do is watch thematic video tutorials, basic courses are freely available. But if you want to make it big, then you have to attend professional makeup academy.

At Nina MUA, we issue a special certificate confirming the completion of training. We teach students to become successful and experienced makeup artists. Our academy provides several courses, such as the 4-Week Program for beginners to introduce you to the basics. Then there is also Advanced 2-Week Program if you want to go more into the fashion and creative side of the profession.

Never lose a chance to practice

If the number of your clients is still minimal, then you should practice on the invited models. You can search for them on social media.

Do not forget to place your information on the web, as well as upload your work on your blog or Instagram.

Also, you can choose your friends to hone your skills, photograph the result, then analyze your mistakes.

Congrats, You Graduated From The Makeup School, NOW WHAT?

Congrats, you graduated from the makeup school, now what.jpg

You graduated from the makeup school, NOW WHAT?

The time has come - you’re graduating from makeup school! This is an exciting time as you are preparing for the next step in your career journey. You’ve spent countless hours learning the tricks of the trade and perfecting your craft; congratulations are in order!  

You’ve demonstrated your hard work and determination in becoming a professional makeup artist. However, you might be feeling a little lost about what direction you want to take. After all, you want to make sure that none of your training goes to waste, and finding a career that you will love completely can cause a little anxiety. But do not fear! You have more options than you think you do. If you’re graduating and about to transition into the professional world, read further to discover some of the steps to take in order to start your career.

  1. Build your name and reputation

  2. Volunteer your time

  3. Network, network, network!

  4. Practice make perfect

Building your name and reputation

In order to get clients, you will need to start making a name for yourself. This includes having your own website and working on marketing yourself, whether in-person or on social media. This is also how potential clients can contact you and view your work before they decide to book you. Carrying out the first stages for any up-and-coming makeup artist is no easy task. There is a lot of time and energy spent on creating a strong customer base, and social media is a relatively low-cost and easy way to increase your social presence. Showcase your talent and the bookings will come faster than expected!

Besides having a website where clients can reach you, you may also want to start a blog. People value information, and this can be a way to teach others and demonstrate your expertise in makeup. By adding content to your website and updating it consistently, the higher Google will rank your site, making it easier for you to be the top choice when potential clients are searching for services. Your website also becomes your online portfolio.

Volunteer your time

Right after graduation, doing volunteer work has its advantages. You can network and practice your skills at the same time! You can contact local theater groups and event planning organizations and offer your service. Even though you will most likely not be paid, you can use it to build your portfolio and build your client base. If you are working at an even, you may even receive credit for your work, attracting even more people to your brand.

Network, network, network!

No matter how successful you are, it’s always a good idea to rub elbows with industry professionals! You can start by finding a mentor, someone you know that already has experience in the beauty industry. This can be your makeup school instructor or someone you recently met through social media or a beauty event. Do not hesitate to reach out to them; they will probably be flattered that you approached them! Offer to assist them, even if you will not be paid for your time. Your mentor will be able to guide you and give you valuable advice and experience that will be worth it. Your mentor may be able to introduce you to new people, which could potentially lead to more work in the future. If possible, you should attend industry events and beauty shows for great networking opportunities. Remember to hand out your business card!

You should also make sure to make connections with your fellow classmates. You will be able to build your professional circle, or just have friends to bounce creative ideas off of. It can be helpful to know people that are going through the same transitions as you.

If you are not sure of what field you want to work in, check out our blog to help you choose!

Practice makes perfect

Just like networking, there is no limit to how much time you spend practicing and polishing your skills. There are only so many hours spent in the classroom, which is why it is important to work on your craft outside of school. The only way to master the skills you’ve learned is by using them over and over again. Take every opportunity to sharpen your skills and make it a part of your everyday routine. Graduating is only the first step in your career and practicing will only take you further.  A way to practice is by working at a makeup counter at a department store. Because of the heavy foot traffic, you’ll get the chance to work on all kinds of skin types, ages, and shades. It will also help with fine-tuning customer service skills. Customer service is a important aspect of any service, and you’ll be able to provide the best experience for your client.

At Nina Mua, we want to see our students thrive and become successful both inside the classroom and out. Just because you’ve graduated does not mean that our support stops. We want to help you in your career. We offer a closed Facebook group where we notify our students and graduates of career opportunities. We also offer graduates discounts for various makeup brands and website to help build your kit. We also look forward to starting this journey with you!

What It Means To Work As A Makeup Artist

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What it means to work as a makeup artist

Makeup artists seem to live the ultimate glamorous and glitzy life. With opportunities to travel all over the world, work backstage on models who walk the runway, apply makeup on the faces of famous celebrities and many more, becoming a professional makeup artist seems relatively easy and straightforward. However, there’s more to it than simply booking clients and showing up at the right location and time.

The journey to becoming a successful professional makeup artist is not effortless; it takes an unbelievable amount of hard work and perseverance to achieve the level of expertise that most people are looking for in a makeup artist. Unknown to many, beneath all of the different colors and makeup products reveal an artist who had to sacrifice many things in order to bring out the natural beauty of others and help them to feel confident everyday. After going through countless hours of practicing, makeup artist don’t start their career the instant they graduate and receive their certification.

Below are some situations that you may run into when first starting out as a makeup artist. Although these will most likely happen, they should not discourage you from pursuing the career that you are passionate about. Pushing through will make it all worth it in the end!

  1. You may have to work for free at first

  2. Working everyday is not guaranteed

  3. Your days start early and end late

  4. Clients may not love every makeup look

  5. Traveling can be a bit of a hassle

  6. Money may not come in as easily

  7. Being a makeup artist is an investment

It’s never that easy. But just because it may seem challenging doesn’t mean that it’s unattainable. Even though it might take longer than you had originally planned, there’s not doubt that you’re going to make it. All it takes is persistence and a little bit of patience.

  1. Working for free

Much like internships, you may have to work for free at first in order to gain the necessary experience. Although there may not be a lot of paying opportunities, you will learn many skills while being on-the-job. You may have to exchange your services before you are able to start charging others.

Nevertheless, you will have the chance to build and add to your portfolio, and you may even have the opportunity to have your work published either in print or online. This will make you seem as a more credible artist and you will soon have clients asking to book you.

     2. You don’t work the regular five times a week

As much as this sounds like a dream, working as a freelance makeup artist can be quite difficult. Although you get to set your own schedule, sometimes that may be because you might not have many bookings coming in. Yes, it can be wonderful to have as many rest days as you want, but rest days also mean no projects or clients; which leads to less income being generated. But you can make the most of your free time by networking with professionals in the same industry.  

Making connections with photographers, models and other professional makeup artists can lead to invaluable opportunities to help you achieve your career goals. It’s always important to remember that networking doesn't just serve you, but is a mutually beneficial activity. You never know when your skills and resources can prove to be helpful to others in your professional circle.

    3. You have odd hours - early days and late nights

If you’re not looking to work the typical 9-5 desk job, then having a career in makeup artistry may be your calling. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll have an easy schedule. In fact, you may have to sacrifice a whole day or two depending on your client or project. Due to special occasions or demanding clients, you may have to start the makeup process way before the event starts, and you may even have to stay all the way until the end. You may have no choice but to go along, as it can hurt your reputation to say no.

    4. Clients may expect too much from you as artist

When you are booked by a client, they are putting all of their trust in you to deliver a look that they will fall in love with, which can be quite nerve-wrecking for you. As you go through the makeup application, clients may question your choices and put a lot of pressure on you. Sooner or later, you’re going to run into some difficult people.

Some will be easy to please, while others may be more high-maintenance. In the end, they will all end up expecting nothing but the best from you. It doesn’t hurt to ask your client what their preference is.

   5. Tired is not an excuse. You may have to travel a lot

Do you want to get out and see the world? Many people do, and a career in makeup artistry may offer just that. But there are always some cons to every situation. It can be tough having to travel longer than you would spend the time to finish your actual work.

You may get to travel to some amazing cities, but you might not even have the time to explore. Traveling through different time zones can upset your sleeping schedule, making it difficult to concentrate. However, if you’re willing to go the extra mile, your wanderlust could serve you well as your adaptability will build up an impressive reputation.

    6. Financial issues

You can make good money out of being a makeup artist, but this is usually after you have built up a clientele as well as other factors such as: your location, if you are able to do both hair and makeup, and your years of experience. As mentioned before, getting to a point where you can charge more for your services may take some time, but the amount you charge should reflect your talent as an artist. This means that you can never practice enough in order to get to where you need to go!

   7. Becoming a makeup artist can be expensive

Because you are a professional, you expected to have an array of high-quality makeup products. You know this by now, but makeup can be very pricy. You are also expected to know all the techniques behind creating a great look - both old and new. This is why attending a makeup school to amplify your knowledge and techniques, get a diploma to be certified, and lastly, get that generous discount to constantly update your professional makeup kit. Nina Mua gladly offers all these services for aspiring makeup artists.

Despite all of these points, they should not keep you from doing what you want to do in life. If things get a little bit hectic, remember to take a break. That’s one beauty of being a freelance makeup artist; you are in control of your time. Don’t give up! Your determination will pay off, and you’ll find that being a makeup artist is both liberating and rewarding. If you are looking to become a professional makeup artist, visit our website for more information.

New York-Inspired Photo Shoot at Nina Mua

New York-Inspired Photo Shoot at Nina Mua.jpg

New York-Inspired Photo Shoot at Nina Mua

Fueling anyone’s inner passion is one of our goals. If we are able to help, we would love to take the challenge! Hence, the New York-Inspired Photo Shoot at Nina Mua for our March event. This was held not only to gather a sweet group of aspiring makeup artists, but also to give them a taste of what their career could be like. Corinne Tweed led the group as Evgeny Milkovich captured every moment.

The inspiration for this event is New York City itself and it was an awesome time to have worked with a new model from EMG at that time, Sadie Petiford. Corinne was highly stirred by the bright yellow cabs that flock the city, but did not let this color overshadow the whole look. That would have been a very expected move! She actually went for another color that complements yellow, which is purple. She also mixed a bit of pink here and there which made the look even more exciting!


Other than makeup, we actually had guests who were already working as photographers and some aspiring ones as well. We can still clearly recall how it became an opportunity for all of us to ask questions to Evgeny, who is a renowned fashion photographer. He is also known to have his works published on Vogue Italia, with makeup looks completed by our graduates in photo shoots. Everyone really wanted to hear what he has to say.

Everyone was overflowing with questions that only an experience individual can answer. Without a doubt, the crowd became even more thrilled knowing that a professional photographer is on-hand. They did not only ask how to take amazing photos, but they were also curious what it is like to be working in the industry. How do you get your first job? How do you get your photos published? What are the work ethics as a photographer, model, and artist? These are among the common things that have been brought up. Quite frankly, a portion of the event became an open forum.

We also didn’t want to miss the chance of teaching our guests on how they can set up their own photo shoot. While studio equipment may be extremely helpful and ideal, one can still hold a photo shoot without these. It’s that time to call friends and family for help in terms of assistance, and also the time to learn how to be resourceful. We are now in 2018 - anything you see can certainly be improvised! For backgrounds, you can use a white, black, or any colored wall that you like. If not, buying fabrics should do the trick. We took photos with white and black backgrounds but we also wanted our photos to have more edge so we purchased a checkered fabric (after all, we’re at the Garment District!) for only $13, and the photos came out unbelievably astounding.

New York inspired phtoshoot2.jpg

Another great example are the Marc Jacobs earrings we found on Pinterest, which really inspired a big part of the whole makeup look. It was a pair of literal zipper earrings and it reminded us so much of highways. We wanted to incorporate these earrings but we found out that it retailed for more or less $80. Knowing that they are a luxury brand, a sky-high price shouldn’t have surprised us. However, we did not really see the need to purchase it for the intention of a one-time use so we went out of the way to mimic these earrings out of materials you can find at a craft store. We used an old pair of earrings that were already at the studio for the hooks, a zipper, and super glue. Guess how much we brought out of our pockets: $5! Yes, just $5.

Now you know that little to no budget is not an excuse. Look around you. Your inspiration is everywhere. You have the whole world to look at and you don’t necessarily have to copy every little element. You can draw inspiration from it and create something new. Anything you dream of is indeed possible if you look for ways on how to make this happen - whether it means building a certain thing from scratch. Some processes may take a while compared to those who already have enough sources. In the end, you will still get almost the same results; and another thing that this event taught us is the need to be patient and hard working, especially in this industry.

July 4th, 2018 Event Recap at Nina Mua

July 4th, 2018 Event Recap at Nina Mua.jpg

July 4th, 2018 Event Recap at Nina Mua

Flashback Friday is here! Let’s do a little recap of our 4th of July event held last June 29 at the Nina Mua studio with none other than Lauren Whitworth. We celebrated a great American holiday with a British twist! We also partnered with our friends from SkinLab to make this workshop possible.

The event was intended to invite the holiday spirit for Stars & Stripes Forever before the actual holiday. We aimed for blue, red, and white to be incorporated in the look but not to overwhelm any of our guests since these colors are bold and can be quite confusing to work with. Long story short, the event was a success!

Lauren worked on Marisa Roper, a driven and kind-hearted model to say the least. We went ahead and styled her Strawberry Blonde locks with some classic Victory Rolls before our guests started walking into the studio. We wanted to make sure that our focus would be on skincare and makeup altogether. This also gave us more time to discuss each skincare product we fully trust and use for students in our classrooms.

Skincare was a big topic on that night. Kimberly of SkinLab took the stage to tell everyone how important a clean canvas is; Model or not, if you wear makeup, it’s still the same rule for all of us. No matter how tired you are from your day, never go to bed without taking your makeup off; light or heavy, there is definitely no excuse. You may not see it with your naked eye but omitting this simple step can accumulate dirt on your face, which may give you larger pores or just damage your face in general.

Moving on to makeup, everybody was waiting for the makeup look Lauren had in store. As a tribute to the 4th of July, Lauren took out a sticker pack of stars to try out a new technique. She placed this in between Marisa’s outer corner and brow bone as a stencil. She blended the blue eyeshadow over it, hoping it would work. Voila! It did!

Here are some of the products that Lauren used…

For eyes:

  • Mac Pro Longer Paint Pot in Soft Ochre (as eye primer)

  • Varying blue eyeshadows from Mac (to achieve a soft smokey)

  • Nyx white eyeliner gel (to line the eyes and make them look more open)

For lips:

  • Carmex Classic Lip Balm (to condition the lips)

  • Inglot Precision Lipliner in red (58) / Mac pencil, closest color would be Brick

  • Sephora lip gloss

  • Martha Stewart glitter in Red Corundum

Another exciting thing were the goodies given away by our friends from SkinLab to all guests who attended, which included a face mask and a peel-off nose strip. There was also one winner of a big giveaway which consisted of their whole line from the first collection!

If you weren’t able to come to the 4th of July pre-celebration, don’t worry! They left behind more goodie bags for our walk-in guests during our regular office hours at Nina Mua (Monday-Friday, 9 AM-6 PM), so come visit us when you get the chance. Holding such events keep us heart warm and seeing makeup lovers in one room keeps our hearts even warmer. Until our next event!

Fields You Can Work In As A Makeup Artist

Fields You Can Work In As A Makeup Artist.jpg

Fields You Can Work In As A Makeup Artist

So you’ve finally graduated from makeup school, and maybe you’re feeling a little lost in what you want to specialize in. It’s not true that you can only do one specific type of makeup, there are many fields that are in need of your skills.

Have a look at the list below, and see which one sparks your interest. You have a world of opportunities coming your way! Some options include:

  1. Film and Television

  2. Runway

  3. Print

  4. Bridal

  5. Theater and Performance

  6. Freelance or Independent Artist

Don’t feel confined; you have plenty to choose from!

1. Film and Television

This includes being on the set of films, television shows and commercials. Even if actors do not need any special effects makeup (no aliens here!), makeup artists are still needed to help the director shape the appearance of the characters and make their vision a reality. Of course, reading the script thoroughly is crucial, as it is your duty to breathe life into a character and make them more three-dimensional.

In many cases, film and television require a natural but “enhanced” look, as filming in HD captures everything. If you also know how to style hair, then you’ve got a huge advantage. Most sets have separate artists for hair and makeup, but knowing both will make you more favorable for hire. You might even get to work with celebrities!

2. Runway

Do you have a love for fashion? If you do, then perhaps working in the fashion industry is your calling! Working as a runway makeup artist is fast-paced, but is also filled with fun. You will have the chance to showcase your skills on a variety of models with different skin tones and facial features.

Through hard work and showing a high level of professionalism, you may be able to work your way into becoming the key artist. If so, you may have the opportunity to design the makeup look. The runway looks tend to affect the trends for the upcoming seasons and you’ll be credited as a trend-setter!

3. Print

There are different fields under the umbrella of print. Similar to film and television, print advertisements and commercials go for a more subtle and natural look. In the case of shooting for fashion, because you would be selling a lifestyle or brand image, you’re also focusing on the mood and the feel of the brand/product itself. While working in print, you may be required to follow the direction of the director.

Working in print can be a very lucrative career path, and will also allow you to have opportunities to network with photographers, models and producers. You will be able to show off your makeup skills. Another plus to working in this field is that you get to have your work published in print or online.

4. Bridal

Many brides are in need of a professional makeup artist to help them achieve a stunning bridal look on their big day. The bridal party may also be in need of getting their makeup done. A career as a bridal makeup artist requires you to not only have the necessary skills in makeup application, but also the charm to work with stressed brides.

Although makeup artistry can be one of the many competitive fields with long irregular hours, it can be very rewarding. Word-of-mouth recommendations help to build up your clientele and each wedding that you work on adds to your professional portfolio. You might even get to become published if the bride submits her photographs to a bridal publication.

5. Theater and Performance

Stage and theater can cover anything from makeup used in actual stage performances to special effects makeup in movies. Local theaters and of course Broadway need theater artists. What would The Lion King be without the makeup artists!

One of the main responsibilities as a theatrical makeup artist is to maintain makeup during production to compensate for lighting changes. In addition to this, you may be required to do some background research on the production. For example, it may be a good idea to gather historical images that may help you with understanding any era in the past. Also, finding information and visual material on different countries and cultures will be beneficial. This research will help you to craft realistic depictions.

6. Freelance or Independent

If you dream of becoming your own boss, then pursuing a career as a freelance or independent artist may be just what you need! You can set your own schedule and make your own decisions on which jobs you want to or do not want to take on.

Freelancing involves a lot of work, especially when you are just beginning this journey. However, it can be a very liberating and rewarding career. You get to meet a lot of new people and remain social as a freelance artist. You may even get to travel, and often your travel costs will be reimbursed. Say hello to the world!

If you want to become a makeup artist but you still want to have some control, then you should consider freelancing.

Regardless of what industry you would like to work in, becoming certified and practicing your skills is the key to becoming successful. At Nina Mua, we offer several programs to help you begin your new career! Becoming a professional makeup artist may seem like a challenge, but we’ll help you get there in no time!

5 Reasons To Trust Your Makeup Artist

5 Reasons To Trust Your Makeup Artist.jpg

5 Reasons To Trust Your Makeup Artist

Whether you’re attending an important event or simply looking for a better way to apply a flawless application, there’s no doubt that a professional makeup artist knows all the tips and tricks to help you look your best.

While handing over the reins to your makeup artist may make you feel like you’re losing control, we give you the top reasons to put all of your trust in them:

  1. You will be camera-ready

  2. Makeup artists make your life easier

  3. Artists are confident with experience in the industry

  4. Makeup artists know what works and what doesn't

  5. Majority of makeup artists are professionally-trained. Just ask!

You’ll be picture-perfect all day

While putting on makeup is always a lot of fun, it takes a skilled eye to see the beauty and potential in each face. Your makeup artist is also skilled in making you feel at ease during the application process. Not only will you look amazing, but your makeup will last all day. Professional makeup artists use high-quality makeup products than the average makeup lover, and test the quality of cosmetics everyday.

Artists undergo years of professional training to keep up with the trends and techniques. Because they are certified through certain programs or classes, your makeup artist is knowledgeable and has the expertise to capture your beauty. It is without a doubt that they

Leave it up to the artist

Taking part in any event can cause you to become stressed. In any case, trusting your makeup artist completely lets you worry about one less thing. Having a professionally created and applied look that highlights your natural beauty cuts down on any stress that you may be feeling.  

Photography makeup is also different from your everyday makeup. A professional knows how to perfectly apply it so you look dazzling and photogenic in front of the camera. Your pictures will come out amazing, so you won’t have to worry!

Makeup artists are aware of techniques and theories

Given that your makeup artist has gone to makeup school, they won't graduate without the knowledge of all the explanations behind every swipe and color of makeup. This being said, they have an eye for what goes well with your skin tone, face shape, and facial features as a whole.

There are times when we see pretty pictures online with all the dazzling makeup but we tend to forget that all faces are different just like fingerprints! There are chances that makeup looks may or may not work on you, depending on your features. So in occasions that you want a certain look, a makeup artist can already tell whether it will be good on you or not. It is an opinion to be considered because, in the end, it will be your face carrying that look!

Have confidence

Entrust your makeup artist that they will be able to deliver a beautiful look on your special day. Your artist has shown their hard work and determination by attending makeup school, and you should have no uncertainty about their skills. So sit back and relax! You’re sure to have a beautiful outcome.

A step in asking yourself why you should trust your makeup artist is going back to why you hired him/her in the first place. Surely, you found something impressive about them. Perhaps they have an array of clients that they succeedingly transformed ready for occasions, or you found their portfolio online and it just felt like the perfect fit to have them.

Education and experience matters

These two aspects are incredibly important. A professional makeup artist has trained exclusively in the art of makeup. Through taking makeup classes, the artist has countless hours of practice on different faces, features and skin tones.

Artists are also taught by industry professionals, who have years of experience. Your artist has the essential skills to communicate effectively with you in order to achieve your vision for your special day.

With all these reasons, it’s not hard to see why trusting a professional makeup artist is the right thing to do. At Nina MUA, we train students to become successful and experienced makeup artists. If you’re looking to pursue a career in makeup artistry, we offer several courses such as the 4-Week Program for beginners to introduce you to the basics. Then there’s Advanced 2-Week Program if you want to go more into the fashion and business side of makeup artistry.

The Importance Of Attending A Makeup School

The Importance Of Attending A Makeup School.jpg

The Importance Of Attending A Makeup School

If you can dream it, you can do it! Taking the first steps to becoming a certified professional makeup artist can seem like  a challenging task, but remembering that every expert was once a beginner can push you to pursue what you love. Sometimes, you may not even discover your love for something until you decide to try something new.

This is exactly what happened to Moria Sokol, a graduate of Nina MUA. Moria enrolled in the Intensive 4-Week Makeup Artistry Program, and fell in love with makeup once she attended classes. Moria is a real estate agent, who at the time did not wear makeup often. During the winter months when the real estate market was slow, Moria decided to register for makeup classes just for fun. However, Moria claims it was love at first sight; something that was not meant to be taken seriously developed into a passion for her. Today, Moria is a part-time freelance makeup artist, after receiving her diploma upon course completion.

Moria credits the makeup classes as the source of her knowledge, and her motivation to take makeup to new professional heights. During the 4-week program, Moria learned the basics of makeup application, as well as the inspiration to pursue a creative career path. She stresses that one really needs to learn the fundamental principles in order to become a professional makeup artist.  Moria also believes that whatever course you choose to take, your success still depends on how much you practice and your desire to succeed. There is no such thing as practicing too much as a makeup artist, and we all know that practice makes perfect. This is why Moria first began practicing her skills on family, friends, and anyone who was willing to sit with her. In addition to this, Moria also took job opportunities where she provided services free of charge. Not only was this a way to gain experience, but it also help Moria market herself to potential clients, and also helped her get jobs through customer referrals.

Through taking classes at Nina MUA, Moria was able to acquire the skills needed to start working on her journey to becoming a successful makeup artist. In an industry where the competition is stiff, having a formal education is the very best option. Becoming certified gives you an advantage because people will recognize the dedication and hard work that you have put in to perfect your craft. One of the biggest advantages of attending a makeup school is that you are being taught by industry professionals, who have all been tried, tested and have a wealth of knowledge to share. You have the chance to learn from and present your capability to individuals who have made a name for themselves in the business.

Many people who are interested in becoming makeup artists believe that learning on their own at home or from Youtube will be sufficient in becoming a successful artist. While Youtube can be helpful and act as an inspiration, Moria claims that actually attending a class in-person would be more valuable. She states that although a student can’t exactly learn everything in the classroom, the same goes for Youtube, which is a short-cut process. Many video tutorials may skip steps and not show you the whole process of the application, which is why many viewers may feel frustration that their look did not turn out the same as the Youtuber. In a class, you are walked through every step with an instructor by your side to guide you along the way.

Nowadays, Moria is getting busier and busier as the people that she had practiced on referred her to others. Moria does it all: proms, graduations, weddings and evening looks. Slowly but surely, Moria was able to build her career as well as her own studio. She believes in having proper lighting in her studio because she takes photos of her clients after the makeup application. Moria sees the importance of taking pictures right after because she can add them to her portfolio. In addition to this, Moria can also see how her work looks like when photographed, and if any final adjustments need to be made.

At Nina MUA, you will also have opportunities to build your professional network and make connections with models, photographers and even other artist. We also offer photoshoots to build and add to your portfolio; an important step to jump start your career.  

The advantages of enrolling at a makeup artist school cannot be overlooked. By receiving formal training, learning and starting from the basics, and allowing yourself to grow as a student, anyone can become the best professional makeup artist that they want to be. We are always ready to help you find the best program, and help to make your dreams become a reality.