FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


What course is best? What is the difference between 4wk and 5wk and Master?
Intensive 4 Week Program. Level 1 (24 hours of study)
This program is a great beginner program. It is for those looking to explore Makeup Artistry.
Ideal if you would like to learn how to apply makeup on yourself and others. Intensive is a part-time program offering base matching, conturing, eye and face shapes, bridal including airbrush application, lashes and a creative class to give you a sneak peak into editorial and creative makeup. 
This program offers Level 1: Beauty. Included a makeup kit designed for your program ($400 value), and photoshoot used for your headshot or can be used for a portfolio image showcasing your makeup artistry skills.

Extensive 5 Week Program. Level 1,2 (50 hours of study)
Our Extensive 5 Week Program is our most popular program! It offers both Level 1: Beauty and Level 2: Fashion. This is a part-time program and will get you well versed in Makeup Artistry. This program also begins at a beginner level and then progresses to cover more advanced techniques such as advanced bridal, ethnic bridal, cut crease, and most importantly business, branding, and marketing. No makeup artist can be successful with these tools.
This program offers both Level 1: Beauty and Level 2; Fashion. In addition, this program comes with a makeup kit designed for this program ($600 value), beauty books for level 1 and level 2, and a portfolio building photoshoot with professional models booked for you. Three (3) looks will be created by each student that will include one natural look and two looks of the artists choice.

Master Makeup Program (100 hours of study)
Our Master makeup makeup program is our complete and most sought after program. We have students that come from all over the globe just to take this program. This program, like our other programs starts from beginner, intermediate, and then progresses to advanced levels of makeup artistry. It covers Level 1: Beauty, Level 2 Fashion and is our only full-time program. If you are looking to become a makeup artist and make this your career - this program is for you.
Beauty, Fashion, Creative, Bridal, Advanced bridal, Ethnic bridal, period looks, runway, - this program has it all! 
Not to mention you will receive three (3) photoshoots with professional models and three looks on each shoot for your portfolio. One natural look, and two looks of your choice. Makeup kit featuring top beauty products ($600 value). 

Is Nina Mua accredited?
Yes, we are accredited by the New York Educational Department, and are registered as a Private Career School.

Is there a minimum age requirement for your programs?
We do not have an age requirement however, we do require a with a high school diploma or Grade Equivalent Degree (GED) for enrollment.

What are the requirements for enrollment?
We require a high school diploma or college degree, or a Grade Equivalent Degree (GED).
In addition, we will require a valid state issued identification, or a passport.
We also accept International Passports.

Do you provide Financial Aid or Payment Plans?
We do not provide or accept Financial Aid at this time. We do however, offer convenient payment plans to assist with enrollment. In addition, we accept PayPal and it offers plans that allow you to pay with up to six-months without interest. 
Each program is payment in payment installments that makes enrollment more accessible for many of our students.

Do you accept International Students? Is a Visa required?
Yes! We are happy to have students in our classroom from all over the World. 
We do not require a Visa for enrollment. We assist with providing our International students with enrollment letters or confirmation to help with the process as proof of enrollment.

Do I need a license to become a makeup artist? 
In the State of New York, a license is not required to practice makeup artistry. Depending on the state you will be practicing in, you need to check what the requirements are. However, several salons and makeup companies do require you have a certification or degree from a makeup school. Having a degree from a makeup school will assist with many opportunities for various reasons. The main reason have a diploma from a makeup school is we practice hygienic practices and many employers want to make sure their makeup artist has been trained in this area.

What if I am a beginner to makeup?
Each program we offer is designed to start at a beginner level.
This ensures that each program is accessible to all students, and we also want to ensure each student is taught properly, and we highly instill hygienic practices in each lesson.

What if I am already a makeup artist, and want to learn more techniques?
Great! We would love to have you attend our school and we offer an Advanced, Level 2 Program as well, as a Portfolio Building Program to help you expand your portfolio. 

Will I get a makeup kit to use for my classes?
The programs we offer include your makeup kit designed to accompany your program, in addition to your textbooks. 
We do not offer a kit for our Advanced 2 Week Program, or our 3 Week Hairstyling Program.

Are there be any additional products I need to buy?
You will be provided with a list of essential items you will need for your program. Examples of these essentials are cotton swabs, cotton rounds, makeup remover, etc.
These products will not exceed more than $100 of out of pocket expenses.
If you have a love of makeup, you may have these items in your possession already!

How many students do you allow in each class?
We pride ourselves in offering small class sizes. A maximum of 8 students will ensure you will have specialized attention on the classroom. On average, each program runs 4- 6 students per session.

Who will we work on for our makeup techniques?
For our lessons in the classroom, you will work on your classmates. We encourage our students to reach out and invite face models for your program. What a better way to learn the craft, and have fun at the same time! Each student will also be provided with the tools to reach out to face models through various platforms, and social media.

Will Nina herself, be my instructor?
Nina is the Creative Director, and oversees the curriculum, and the school. But rest assured, she is very involved in the school and closely follows each students progress.

Will we have the same instructor for each class?
In most cases, you will receive a different instructor.
This will allow for different perspectives in the industry.
You will gain knowledge from each instructor, and they will share with you their knowledge.

Can I bring a friend/family member to class to practice on?
Sure, we welcome it and they will receive not only a makeup look - but learn, too!

Will I receive a diploma at the end of my program?
Yes, we offer an industry recognized diploma.
We do not offer a diploma for our Portfolio Building Program, or private sessions.

Upon graduation, will Nina Mua provide me with career opportunities?
You are now a Nina Mua Graduate and this means we are here to help you in your career.
We host career fairs with Sephora, MAC, Glam Squad, and PRIV. 
In addition, offer a closed Facebook page where will post career opportunities, or other events available only to our students or graduates.

After I graduate, will I be eligible for any makeup discounts? 
Upon graduation, you will receive an email with detailed instructions on how to obtain discounts from various makeup brands and websites, up to 40%. 

When will we receive our images from our photoshoot?
The photos will be emailed using a special link within 3-4 weeks after your graduation.
We ask that you download your images, so ensure you obtain all your images.

How often do you start a new class?
We start our programs each month and we are open year round, including weekends.

Still have questions?
We are here to help via email, chat or phone.
What are you waiting for… let us help you turn that passion into reality!