Easy Ways You Can Become A Makeup Artist

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A lot of ladies out there dream of becoming a makeup artist, but worries arise the moment they realize that they don’t know how to approach their goal. It’s a lot of work to get to where you want to be. However, you have to instill in your mind that before any sweet success, it’s normal to stumble upon obstacles. You also have to note that there is no perfect formula to become successful. The least you can do is to try before even giving up on your possible career.

We have come up with some simple ways you may try to get your career going and these are:

  1. Practice, practice, practice!
  2. Work on your portfolio
  3. Promote yourself on social media
  4. Network
  5. Get enrolled at a makeup school

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Dodge your laziness and doubts by pushing yourself to lift a brush. Practice means you’re allowed to create mistakes because this is exactly how you learn. Nothing is perfect but practicing will make you better at what you do. It’s all about mastery and getting used to. There’s always something new to grasp because even the master of all makeup make it a point to practice their artistry skills. 

Everyone needs to sharpen their talent to improve. Practicing also allows you to evaluate the things you should do and don’t as a makeup artist. This constant phase opens your eyes and prepares you for more complicated situations. Think of everyday as an opportunity to discover new abilities and ways how you can boost your craftsmanship.


Portfolios don’t necessarily start with professional models if you don’t have the resources yet. You may offer to do your friends and families’ makeup in exchange of high-quality photos. You don’t even need a professional camera for this. A lot of makeup artists take photos of their masterpiece using their phone. Just consider some things like lighting, angle, and focus.

Once you start getting the hang of constantly updating your portfolio, you will be able to see your progress. You will catch sight of how you first started and how you’re gradually improving your work. Bringing your portfolio up to date may take you your whole career but that’s the fun in it. You will always have space for newer content, which you can showcase to your clients as trends come and go.


Nowadays, countless people rely on social media to keep up with the fads. Without social media, we are all probably going to be outdated since this has become a worldwide means of communication. It has been made to be user-friendly so anyone can actually sign up for an account and start sharing something through content.

However, it doesn’t mean that because it’s accessible to everyone, it’s easy to get your name out there. It takes time and it takes the right strategies. We offer programs that incorporate an important lecture on business, branding, and marketing (Master Makeup Program & Extensive 5-Week Makeup Program). These programs are vital in establishing yourself as a successful makeup artist.


In this industry, it is vital to network because this is a significant way of getting you more clients. This is also how you learn further since fellow makeup artists usually share their secrets for each others’ success. It is also a lot of fun to create good relationship with others who share the same passion with you because you are reminded of why you love the career you are tackling. This does not only apply to clients and fellow makeup artists but also to photographers, assistants, models, and other talented individuals you may be working with.


Look no further because Nina Mua is here to help you advance in your chosen career. It is not a necessary step, but it is recommended. You will be surprised to know that there are actually millions of other techniques you are not aware of the in world of makeup. But if you are in the process of just testing out this path, there are programs that are geared towards your goal. One of them is our Intensive 4-Week Makeup Program.

Another positive thing about attending a makeup school is obtaining a diploma. This is an affirmative way of presenting yourself to future clients and employers as many of them look for makeup artists who have had proper training. This way, you get to boost your career as you help yourself achieve your dream. Believe, and one day, you are going to make it!

Why Learning Hairstyling As A Makeup Artist Is Beneficial

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When you are a makeup artist, your focus day and night is probably your artistry. You practice in your free time, look over bookings and always check up on trends and new products. Many passionate makeup artists make their job not only their occupation but their life.

Although being passionate is great, in the world of beauty knowing more than applying makeup can be extremely beneficial. It may be hard to think outside of the topic of makeup, but it can be essential to your personal and professional growth. Learning new talents and techniques is always something that should be encouraged; because let’s face it, in this life, you can never know too much. If you, however, find an opportunity to learn a skill that will benefit you and go along with your makeup artistry services, you should definitely look into it.

One skill that will further your career as a makeup artist is learning hairstyling. In the world of beauty, there are many industries that are very fast paced. These are why multi-talented artists are often chosen for their work. If you consider adding hairstyling to be used hand in hand with your makeup artistry skills, you can seriously become a more employable option in your career. Read more below about the benefits of learning hairstyling as a makeup artist!

You will become a multi-service option

As mentioned before, you will become a multi-service option by knowing how to do both makeup and hair. Having two certifications will make you a good candidate in a competitive industry. Knowing two skills is better than knowing one. What makes you stand out is your knowledge of both skills. When you have a well-rounded education in the beauty industry, it will be much more attractive to clients that you provide more than one service.

It is important to note that the beauty industry does not only reflect makeup and makeup artists. Hairstyling is also a big aspect in the beauty industry. If you learn this in addition to your makeup artistry, you will have a well-rounded education in the field and will make you a strong candidate in all scenarios.

You will be more likely to be chosen by clients

Many people associate beauty services with knowing how to do both makeup and hair. Especially apparent in the world of bridal services, being both a makeup artist and hairstylist will be a dream come true for a stressed bride. If a client needs both makeup and hair services, and the decision is between you, who can do both and another talented makeup artist who doesn’t know hairstyling you are much more likely to be chosen.

This is very very apparent in the bridal business. When stressed out brides are trying to figure out the details of their special day, I am sure you know that they the process to be as easy as possible. Brides will almost always ask for trials. If they get two separate people: one for makeup and one for hair, that means that they will have at least four appointments minimum (one trail for makeup, final makeup, one trial for hair, final hair). Whereas, if it is only one person who is doing both, they can be one appointment, one payment, and the services can be done together.

If you are interested in the bridal industry I think it is essential to learn hairstyling. Although hairstyling is useful in other departments of the artistry, I think if you want to focus on brides it is very important. Brides save time, money and stress when they can find a two-in-one service for their special day.

Your salary will benefit

Since you are offering two services, your cost as a whole will reflect that. If you are filling two job descriptions, you will definitely be asking for a higher compensation than if you were just filling one job as a makeup artist.

It is also important to note that certification for hairstyling is very important. In order for your salary to benefit from both skills, you should be qualified for each skill. Just like your makeup artistry certification makes you reputable, so does having one for hair. Even if you try to learn hair on your own, when you try to present this additional skill to employers, there is still no foundation to your skills and techniques without proper training.

When you have proof of program completion and training, employers without a doubt know that you are serious business. Just like receiving proper education for makeup artistry, it is needed for hairstyling as well to be as credible as possible. Also remember that doing hair on yourself is very different from doing hair on others. So treat this additional skill as what it is, another skill. It requires training and practice just like makeup artistry.

Think about it this way: if you are good at applying your own makeup, that does not mean that you are properly trained to apply makeup to different people. If you are good at doing your own hair, that is not indicative of how well you will do other people’s hair. Both skills require proper training and practice.

Your intended clientele will grow

Many industries do not want to go through the trouble of finding separate people for tasks. If you can do both makeup and hair, you can open the door to work in many different industries that you may not be able to work in only knowing makeup artistry.

For example, hairstyling is a major aspect of the entertainment business such as TV and movie sets. These face paced and team-oriented environments need people who are multi-talented. It is unlikely that these businesses will hire you just for makeup when they need both tasks done. They will hire someone who does both to make their job easier and faster as they only have to go through one service person.

For the sake of convenience and time, many businesses will stay put on only hiring artists who do both. If you do both makeup and hair you will increase the areas of expertise for yourself and for your credibility. The more industries you can work for, the better it is an artist for you to learn and grow.

When you know how to do certain hairstyles, especially film, fashion, and periods looks, it can open many opportunities for you. Being upfront about your hair styling training and mentioning which techniques you can recreate is important when communicating with potential clients.

These are just a few good reasons to consider adding hairstyling as a certified skill! The more you learn and the more credentials you have, the more valued you will be in the industry. This is why Nina Mua offers a 3-Week Hairstyling Program for Makeup Artists! This program is designed to advance the talent and skills of professional makeup artists to achieve basic hairstyling when needed in their professional careers. In the world of fashion, beauty and entertainment industry, amazing talents and versatility is expected of makeup artists.

3 Ways On How You Can Obtain Photos For Your Makeup Artist Portfolio

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Never neglect what a portfolio can do to your career. It’s usually how clients and employers would make a determination whether you’re a talented makeup artist or not. You can say you’re artistically skilled to do makeup, but no one will believe you unless you show them your past work. So step up your game... and put together a killer portfolio!

Being a beginner in the world of photography is no excuse. You can know nothing about taking photos but still be able to put together a sensational portfolio. Just try! And here are also some ways how you can get going with your very first makeup artist portfolio:

1. Do your own photo shoot

2. Assist makeup artists

3. Enroll at Nina Mua


If you are not yet fully equipped to finance a professional photo shoot with a set of professional photographers and models, you can stage your own. You can create your team by calling over friends and family who might want to help you out. Besides being able to lend a hand to you, they could also charge this to experience and possibly put this on their resume too.

One tip is to include a list of people you think are interested in brushing up their skills when they assist you. It’s usually easier to work with those whose passion is in line with you because you have a common ground. But still be open to others who are new to this field. Maybe they don’t have the skills you are looking for as of the moment; but who knows what they can do once they start learning, right? After all, everybody has to start somewhere.

However, if you’re someone who’s likely to learn more individually, the choice is all yours. You can do the makeup look entirely on yourself and be photographed by someone who has a good eye. But take note that this can be stressful. In one photo shoot, you’ll want to achieve different looks so having just one canvas might eat up your time. This will require you to become as organized as possible so this is a great learning experience on your part.

You will get more freedom by doing your own photo shoot since you have the say in everything. You get to choose your own models, the styles, the setup, and all things behind the camera. However, for a more objective photo shoot, it’s best to have someone who has another perspective apart from yours. You may think something’s great that may not appeal to some; so it would really help you improve your photo shoot even more.


Supporting a makeup artist with their client is one way to put your skills into action. You will be able to witness what it’s like to work on a client or a group of clients, depending on the situation. Some would be for shows, bridals events, and TV opportunities. You will get the real feel of being in the industry with all the excitement and pressure. But at the end of the day, this will introduce you to the world of makeup artistry.

In this experience, you will also be able to hit two birds with one stone in this experience. You will get to practice your application based on how your artist mentor wants you to help. Besides the practical knowledge, you will go home with a new addition to your portfolio. You will most likely be given the chance to add this to your own set of work. But note that in some bridal companies, they can be strict in regards to distributing pictures. Just know how to communicate with your artist mentor and everything should be fine.


This is one of the popular options that people are considering these days - attending a makeup school.A popular option if you are in for the experience of learning the ins and outs of makeup artistry, as well as participating in the professional photo shoot. You will be enticed by the photos that will be sent to you once you complete one of our programs. We always care about how our students’ portfolios will turn out. That’s why we always ensure our promise of giving them the best retouched photos.

We only hire photographers that we know are skilled enough to make anything look even more beautiful than it already is. For our Intensive 4-Week Makeup Program and 5-Week Makeup Program, you will get one photo shoot each. For our Master Makeup Program, you will get the chance to do three photo shoots with us. But if you’re happy with your makeup skills and you think that makeup school isn’t for you any longer, we are still able to provide you with a professional photo shoot. Come try our Portfolio Building and see for yourself!

How to Be Organized As A Makeup Artist

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After getting into the swing of your career, it is important to stay organized. When your services, clients and the rush of your life has hit a start button, it can get crazy! On one hand, you are ecstatic that your career has taken off. On the other hand, since you are booked and busy it is important to prioritize organization and responsibility. When it comes to managing appointments, everything from making sure the dates/times are right and remembering the details of your appointments can be easy to miss. Although mistakes happen and everyone makes them, having a setup that will keep you organized and on top of things will always benefit you.

Forgetting an appointment, details of what you need for the appointment, showing up at the wrong time, etc. are all things that can be prevented with proper planning and time management. Here are a few ways that you can be the most productive, professional and organized makeup artist. It is essential- you do not want people to book you and then have you flake! It can affect how potential clients see you and your reputation for the future.

Have Multiple Calendars

It is extremely important to back-up information regarding appointments on more than one outlet. Just like backing up your photos on iCloud because you don’t want to risk losing those vacation photos, you should have the same mindset when it comes to your appointments.

This can mean having a physical calendar where you write down your appointments, having a calendar on your phone and also one backed up on your laptop or desktop computer. This is extremely important-things can happen and you cannot risk having all of your information accidentally erased or not tracked.

Having multiple outlets for a calendar keeps you organized and safe-this ensures that you have the information backed up elsewhere if anything ever happens to the original information.

Make sure to do regular back-ups. We tend to get busy in our everyday lives to think of tasks like this-but backing up your data on all of your current devices ensures your safety and the organization of your services. Nothing can be worse than knowing you have appointments and losing all of the dates and contact information! Yikes.

Include important details about the booking

Including additional information about your appointment will only benefit you. This can be as simple as writing down the client’s name or nickname and noting what occasion they are getting their makeup done for. Adding any information that they enclosed to you as a note on their appointment goes a long way. These details will show that you are personable and care about the needs of each appointment.

For example, if you have a makeup session for a mother-to-be on her baby shower day it is a good idea to note that when you create the appointment. Knowing this before the appointment is a great way to make a connection with the client and understand what the environment of the event is. This is a great tool to use small talk and have the client feel comfortable with you and understand that this is a special occasion in their life.

Many makeup artists may forget that they are a part of some of the most beautiful and memorable occasions such as weddings, baby showers, sweet 16’s, etc. Knowing the importance of the client’s occasion and what it means for them to look and feel beautiful on a special day is essential.

Also, remembering what the client has requested and any other information they have addressed to you shows you care about what they want and have worked to prepare for it.

Set reminders

It might seem obsessive but setting multiple reminders is important. If you set a reminder for an appointment for a week away, it is possible that you may forget. It is best to set a reminder for one week and one day before an appointment. It is better to already know about the schedule and be reminded again then be surprised and run the risk of ruining your schedule.

It will refresh your brain and remind you of the appointment and it gives you time to double-check the details and make sure everything is okay. It is also a great idea to check in casually with the client while confirming the appointment. Something like “Looking forward to doing your makeup for your shower tomorrow!” will let the client know that you are both excited to do the job and also on top of your schedule.

If you are professional and organized, other people will see that and value you for your services.

Do not book until you check your calendar first

Ah, this is important. I know that when an exciting opportunity arises, the first thing you want to do is jump up and say yes. However, even if you are positive that you have nothing planned for the time commitment you want to be 100% sure. By saying something like “That sounds great, let me double-check my calendar to see if I’m available” it is a good idea. This lets the person know that a) you are extremely organized and b) you are serious business.

Be mindful that if you gave your word to complete something it should be your priority. Flaking and going back on your word is unprofessional. Double checking your schedule can only help you- you do not want to book two appointments at once only to cancel on something you said you would go through with. Cancelling on a client is never a good look- you never know how that one connection can make it through to other people. Your goal is to satisfy your clients in every way possible and you want to be the makeup artist they have in mind if they are ever referring someone else.

Stay on top of trial services

This is a tip that many people tend to overlook- although trial services are not as stressed as the actual day of the event, it still is extremely important to remember. Many people don’t just do one trial but even two or three. The reason the trials keep happening is because they want the makeup look tweaked a certain way to fit their liking.

Remembering trial appointments is vital when trying to make a client happy. Finding a look that the client loves can be a process. Making notes about each trial and experience can help you with your next trial. This can guide you on what to do differently to fit the client’s needs and wants.

Remembering trial dates is also important because you may associate the date of the actual event with the client. However, if a trial is needed beforehand it should be stressed just as much as the actual date of service.


These are just a few tips to keep in mind when starting your makeup career! Even if you are just starting out, it is never too early to become organized. Always remember to plan time extra time in-between. For example, if you have an appointment until 12:30pm do not plan a 1:00pm appointment unless it is very close proximity and you know it will end at exactly that time. Otherwise, you run the risk of being late.

Always plan ahead and leave adequate time between commitments to ensure that you will be there on time and prepared.

Our Extensive 5-Week Makeup Program and Master Makeup Program include a business, branding and marketing course where they also guide you on clientele services and etiquette. They also help you on building a website, making business cards and setting up a professional presence on social media. All of these tools tie into organization and staying on top of appointments!

The Importance Of Taking Great Photos As A Makeup Artist

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One thing to always remember as a makeup artist: take a photo of your masterpiece or it never happened. In the beauty industry, it is all about being able to showcase what are you are able to create with your mastery in makeup. As you are paving way for your career advancement, employers will constantly ask for your portfolio and sometimes, this alone can make or break your career.

You can take thousands of photos but at the end of the day, you will only have to select a few - the cream of the crop. You will want your portfolio to contain only the finest photographs and it does not even have to be taken by a professional photographer if you do not have the resources as of the moment. It is all about finding the right lighting, focus, and angle, among many others.

Here are some reasons why it is essential to take amazing photos as a makeup artist:

  1. Your photos represent you as a makeup artist
  2. Your photos display your capabilities
  3. The quality of your photo impacts the makeup look
  4. It makes your clients feel like a million bucks
  5. It scores you more job opportunities


Your portfolio is how you sell yourself in the beauty industry. It is like your golden ticket as a makeup artist so you always have to make sure that it only consists of outstanding photos. Take note that your portfolio is a reflection of who you are and what you can do as a makeup artist so if you display photos that do not exhibit your work well enough, clients and employers will not appreciate it as much; whereas if you carefully set an array of exceptional photos, you will definitely be able to wow the crowd.

In return, people will remember your name more in the industry. You will be famed as that makeup artist whose portfolio is compromised of nothing but the best - and that’s what everyone is looking for! Because truth be told, when people do not know you, they judge you according to your makeup portfolio. So go tease them with your skills and capture those moments to show the world that you are a makeup artist who prioritizes beauty and quality over anything else.


Being able to exhibit what you can elaborately fashion out of a blank canvas is essential to potential clients and employers. This allows them to get a glimpse of your capabilities and your effectiveness as a makeup artist. If you provide them with remarkable photos, it will also parade your creativity that not everyone may have. It is highly significant that you are able to include a variety of the looks that you can do so you can establish your flexibility as a makeup artist.

With strong photos, you are also able to visually explain that you are adept in terms of intricate details. People love everything complicated when it comes to bringing beauty into a heightened level of artistry. It astonishes them to see that someone has the capacity to create a look out of their own hands with the help of a few tools and palettes. You see, makeup is art and art is talent.


Taking the right photo is quite hard to decipher if you do not have the eye for it. You have to be someone, or at least have someone with you, who is keen enough when it comes to lighting, angle, and focus. You will not be able to capture the perfect photo for your hard work if you are not observant enough. You always have to remember that there is no one in this world who can exactly see what your own eyes can - much more that photographed moments usually turn out differently as opposed to seeing it in person.

Give your work more credit by being careful at how you photograph it. You may have done a makeup look that is absolutely stunning but with low light, it may decrease your chances of getting hired for a project. You should also consider various angles when snapping a photo as some angles may work, and some may not. Avoid angles that do not fully show the beauty of your work and focus more on what can proclaim how much of a marvelous makeup artist you are. Knowing your focus is also one thing to consider as this draws attention towards the subject of your interest. Overall, high-quality photos have the most say in presenting your makeup looks since makeup artist portfolios are purely visual.


At the end of the day, you are servicing people who wish to enhance their look through your artistry. And there is nothing comforting in this world as a makeup artist to know that you have successfully made your clients feel confident about themselves. After all, it is your job to help enhance looks to the best of your ability.

It is rewarding for makeup artists to know that they are skilled enough to make their clients feel comfortable in their own skin. As always, we all like to take photos of how beautiful we all look that one time we had our face made. So being able to provide a terrific photo for your clients will let them know how great of a makeup artist you are. This will also encourage other clients that you can also make them as beautiful when they see a portfolio of your high-quality photos.


An excellent set of photos means you have a great portfolio, which means that an amazing portfolio gives you more value as a makeup artist. This then grants you better chances of making it in the beauty industry. This is why you always have to be wary of the photos you take to put your makeup looks in print. Employers and clients will be looking for great quality only and that alone. Keep in mind that once they see you have poorly taken photos, they start to lose interest. You don’t want to drive your potential clients away!


We have put a little list for you to take note of when taking a photo of your masterpiece:

  • Lighting is key. Shy away from poorly-lit rooms and stick to natural lightning. If not accessible, consider purchasing a ring light.
  • Know the right angle for the right makeup look. This may not be the most important of all, but it is still crucial. Appealing poses matter as it gives personality to the photo.
  • Be aware of your focus. Though you may have a lovely wardrobe or an exquisite background you want others to notice, your focus should still lean towards the makeup look you want to exhibit.
  • Stick to plain backgrounds. You do not want anything distracting.
  • Retouch your photos to enhance it but don’t overdo it. You don’t want your photos to look unnatural.
  • Get familiar with your camera. The camera only takes the photo for you but it is still you who controls everything so the end product will still depend on your ability; unless, of course, you hire a photographer to help you out.

If you are enrolled at any of our programs in Nina Mua, you will have the chance to experience a photo shoot with a professional photographer. You do not even have to worry about anything at all so you can focus on perfecting your makeup artistry. We take the worry out of looking for the right photographer, and providing you with a professional model! It will allow you to focus on perfecting your makeup artistry skills. Besides it being a one-of-a-kind experience, it is an unforgettably fun one as well!

How to Have a Successful Client Relationship

How to Have a Successful Client Relationship.jpg

Having an ongoing, successful relationship with clients is something that goes beyond being good at what you do. Networking efficiently and leaving a positive impact on your client can go a long way.

Having a positive and professional presence is something that all makeup artists should aim to have. Your job as a makeup artist is not just to do a great makeup for your client, but creating a positive experience overall. The art of transforming and enhancing someone’s beauty- the way that you make them feel throughout and afterward is a rewarding experience.

Being professional, personable and attentive are just a few qualities that should shine through. When you have a client, your priority should be to build a lasting and meaningful relationship with them. This will help you in your career always.

Here are 5 ways to make a lasting impression!

Create a Safe Space Zone

Many times, clients can come in with an energy that builds up from their everyday life: stress, time, family, etc. They can be in a space mentally and emotionally that can take over the session.

No matter what the client is going through, make sure that you provide a safe space zone for them. Being in tune with the client in a relaxed atmosphere is very important. As an artist, you want your creative space and energy to be protected. Your technique and process is your time to create. You want to make sure that your client feels taken care of and relaxed during their makeup session.

Creating a safe space zone could be as simple as taking the client's belongings and helping them get settled in and having them sit in a comfortable chair. Having polite conversation upon contact is important and shows that you are personable. This allows the client to become comfortable with you and increases the likelihood that they will be open with you during the session.

Sometimes playing slow music or having a clean and comfortable space for them to enjoy their session can make a big difference! Every artist is different-but you should always aim to make your client feel relaxed and comfortable. When you treat customers like people and not numbers, you will leave a memorable impression. This is how clients come back to you, build trust in you and therefore foster professional relationships.

Ask the Client About Their History with Makeup

Knowing a little bit about the client’s history with makeup can be very helpful when starting off your session. A good way to approach this would be to say “What does your daily makeup routine consist of?”.

Taking some time at the beginning of the session to get to know the person’s personal beauty routine instead of just immediately applying makeup is important. It breaks the ice for conversation if the client is nervous and starts a personable interaction. In addition, it also allows you to make some sort of judgment on how to go about the makeup look depending on the client’s comfort level and preference.

For example, if the client only wears mascara and lip balm and they want a pretty, natural look you may want to tweak the full coverage foundation or dramatic eye and vise versa. On the other hand, if your client wears full makeup everyday you can be more confident going in with a little bit of the more dramatic techniques and enhanced skin. It is all about finding a medium between your expertise and style as an artist and the client’s comfort level and experience. Sometimes encouraging the client to come out of their comfort zone is necessary as well.

Ask the client what they envision

Knowing what your client wants is vital when trying to deliver a makeup look. Many times they can bring in photos or examples of the makeup that they want to be done. Asking questions regarding their skin type, typical makeup routine and what kind of look they want gives you a good idea of what to aim for during the session.

Another great way of putting together what the personal style of the client is would be to have a casual “What are you wearing?” conversation on their outfit. Much like makeup artistry, fashion and detailing can entail details about one’s style.

Sometimes something as small as studs on a jacket or maybe a high slit can give the impression the person likes more of a dramatic, statement look. You can incorporate this into a conversation and use it as a way of learning more about them. Using small talk to uncover details of the client’s personal style is a great way to build a relationship and help yourself at the same time.

Be flexible

One thing we know about makeup artistry as a career is that schedules can be completely scattered. Unlike other careers with standard hours and days, the times a makeup artist will be needed can be unpredictable. In addition, being flexible with clients about their needs is a great skill to have. Don’t get me wrong- be sturdy in your policies regarding your schedule and what days you do/don’t work. However, being understanding with clients and being flexible will go a long way.

In addition, being flexible when it comes to the actual makeup session and look is important. Sometimes a client may voice a concern and as a makeup artist, you should be able to find a quick solution. This solution should be one that makes the client happy and still reflects your artistry.

Knowing these common grounds are extremely important because as an artist, you need to think quick and have the skills to be efficient. Each client is different and adhering to them is very important for the success in your relationships.

Be professional

Besides how you treat the client and the quality of your work, be sure to always maintain professionalism. Arriving on time, having a neat setup for your products and being prepared are all ways to be professional. You can do a great job on a client and be friendly, but no matter how good you are, being unprofessional is always off-putting.

Always following sanitation guidelines and having etiquette is vital as well. If your clients know that you are serious and only do the best work then they will keep coming back to you. If you are unprofessional, it will not make them want to book you again and it will definitely prevent them from referring you to others.

Being neat, professional, organized and prepared can only help you in your career.


These are just a few tips on making sure that each interaction with your client is as memorable as possible. Leaving a lasting impression improves your credibility as a makeup artist. You want to make your clients feel taken care of, relaxed and listened to while maintaining professionalism.

All of our makeup programs start from the very beginning of makeup artistry: this includes how to clean your tools properly, sanitation techniques, understanding the needs of the client and how to communicate with them. This helps our students right off the bat to know what is necessary to have a successful interaction with clients! We pride ourselves in providing the very best for our students.

A Look into Salary: How Much the Average Makeup Artist Makes

How Much the Average Makeup Artist Makes.jpg

Salary. Money. It is the first, if not almost the first thing that is programmed into our brains when we are picking a career path.

The best part about your commitment to your craft is that you are doing something you love. One of our favorite quotes is “If you love what you do, you will never have to work a day in your life.” I firmly believe this, so if your passion is makeup, congratulations!

The factors that play into creating a career as a makeup artist are almost endless. It greatly varies on whether you work with under a company (such as MAC, Sephora, Macy’s) as a counter artist or if you freelance. It also depends on what city you are located in, how many years of experience you have and many other factors that can come into play.

To help you understand more about what affects your salary as a potential makeup artist, here are 5 major factors to consider:


Location is a big indicating factor of salary as a makeup artist. Typically, when you are located in an urban area or city you have a better opportunity to find work. This increases your likelihood of making more money. These areas are the center of many lifestyles that require a makeup artist. There is a higher association with fashion, theatre and film which are all great opportunities for makeup artists.

For example, cities such as New York and Paris have fashion week. This is a huge attraction for many makeup artists and they are in demand for each show. Having exposure is also a great way of getting experience even if it's just volunteering.

Living in an urban area in general opens the door for more career opportunities compared to living in a rural area. On the other hand, the cost of living is also higher in urban areas. In addition, since there are more opportunities in urban areas the competition is more intense.

The national average of a makeup artist salary is currently $34, 100 according to Glassdoor.com. Makeup artists in urban areas report the highest salaries. For example, makeup artists located in Los Angeles have a pay rate that is 37 percent above the national average of $37,251.

A great way to use your location is to see how other makeup artists in the area charge. This will help you stay in the range of pricing and make sure that you are not charging too much or too little for your service. Location is a big factor, but you do not have to live in a big city to be successful! Remember, your talent follows you no matter where you go.


Makeup artistry is an industry in itself, however, there are many career options within that. Typically, working at a makeup counter or store will bring less income compared to working in television or film. For example, the salary range for a makeup artist working in television is approximately US $45,000 to $75,000. For the movie industry, the approximate annual salary is about US $90,000. In comparison, the approximate salary for a makeup artist in the personal care industry is $28,000.

As you can see, there is a gap in salary depending on what course of work you take on. The highest paying roles as a makeup artist typically include working for television, magazines or a freelance artist with high-profile clients.

Even when categorizing industries within makeup artistry (freelance, for a company, theatre, etc.) there is still a wide range of salaries. However, typically salaries are higher in the television and fashion industries for makeup artists.


Experience has moderate effect on pay. What is more important is how you manage and use your time, even when you’re just starting out. You can have 5 years of experience and not put the effort and work in to build yourself up. You can have 1 year of experience and value volunteer work and consistent practicing. Years of experience goes with actual experience and in order to climb to the top, you need to constantly work.

Grabbing as many opportunities to volunteer, network and find a possible mentor is essential. Having a mentor who has been in the business for a long time and can guide you is invaluable experience. Years of experience is more for your own credibility, however, your portfolio and how you have used your years of experience is more important.

Typically, when you are just starting out you will earn less and as you slowly get more clients you will earn more. You need to start somewhere to begin to spread your name. It can be that one person’s makeup you did at a volunteer event that told her friend, who told her friend etc. Now you have a range of clients by that one experience.

As you get more years in the business, you will have more and more people knowing your name and more clients. This gives you more credibility and you can start charging more for your services. As you have more experience, you will have a greater income even when freelancing or working at a makeup counter. You can climb the ladder of employee to manager or be at a point in your freelancing business where you are at a higher value.


Many makeup artists decide to freelance for their career. This is attractive because they can work on their own schedule and be their own boss. Freelance income all depends on whether it is part-time or full-time, pricing of services and consistency of work. With great power comes great responsibility and freelancing gives you complete control of your own schedule. If creating your business from scratch is too intense for when you’re just starting out, many people decide to freelance under companies that work around their schedule as well. For example, the average freelance makeup artist for MAC earns around $17 an hour.

The average salary for a freelance makeup artist in New York City is $54,615. The range of salary in freelancing is vast because types of clients and pricing varies. There will be a huge gap in salary between a freelance makeup artist who is just starting out versus a freelance makeup artist who has high profile clients consistently.

It is all about breaking through the very beginning and pushing yourself. No makeup artist had a ton of clients when they just started out. It takes time, patience and good work ethic to be a successful freelance makeup artist.


Some makeup artists find that working as an employee or under a company is best for them. Some even choose this as a career path at first to gain more experience and practice to then decide they are ready to freelance. The average income for makeup artists in this industry is around $35,000.

Makeup artists find that working at a makeup counter such as at a department store, MAC or Sephora is also a great way of starting out since you can gain experience. Doing makeup consistently on many different customers and faces builds confidence in your work. Many people are attracted to this type of work because it is a steady pay and full-time employees have opportunities for benefits.

Many artists love the stability as they know they will be getting consistent pay. Those who dream of freelancing a business or creating something with their artistry usually start here as they can begin to save money and create a plan while gaining more experience in the meantime.

Those who are not ready for freelance work find the stable work attractive. Sometimes many people do not want to particularly freelance and go into a retail ladder for makeup brands. For example, they will start off as an artist at a counter, then go into supervision and management. It all depends on what the individual wants to do.


As we can see, makeup artistry has a long branch of possibilities. You can start off by working at one place and end up somewhere else! The beauty of makeup artistry is the versatility-and there are endless possibilities. You don’t have to figure it all out now!

Here at Nina Mua, we take pride in the fact that we include a business, branding and marketing course for our Extensive 5-Week and Master Program.  This includes how to build a website, how to market yourself and how to network efficiently in the makeup industry. If makeup artistry has always been a dream of yours, take the step of confidence and enroll!

The Top 5 Makeup Products Loved by the Pro’s


As a makeup artist, your goal is to make your clients feel as beautiful as possible at the end of your session while fulfilling their requests. There is an indescribable feeling that washes over us when we see our clients gushing and thanking us for crafting their face. It humbles us and reminds us why we’re makeup artists in the first place.

With that being said, we always want our tools to be the best. Although the motto of our school is “always be talented no matter what tools you’re using”, well, it can’t hurt to also have the best tools to match our skill set!

This week’s blog post is going to be about some key top products that makeup artists love, adore, and swear by. Investing in products that are versatile, excellent in quality and beautiful on the face is always worth it. Also knowing your intended clientele will help guide you on knowing which products are worth having in your kit!

Make Up For Ever HD Foundation


The Make Up For Ever HD Foundation is an absolute cult-favorite. It is seen everywhere, used by top professional makeup artists around the world. From everyday makeup routines to TV/Film, this foundation promises to stay beautiful no matter the lighting. It is the only HD foundation meant for 4k technology uses.

Its formulated to look virtually flawless in any lighting or photo-hence its popularity amongst celebrities, TV/video shoots and down the runway. It is a common go-to for brides on their special day, as it ensures photos will come out flawlessly. It is also very widely used for any other events that require flash photography, whether it be a headshot or down a red carpet.

Not only is the foundation formulated for the camera-ready, but is a beautiful everyday foundation as well. Many makeup enthusiasts and artists praise this foundation for blending seamlessly into the skin and being undetectable yet flawless. With 40 shades to choose from, people know they can find their flawless, perfect match.

Makeup Artist Carl Ray, whose clients range from Michelle Obama to Natalie Portman, says that this is her absolute favorite. For a flawless finish, she makes sure the skin is hydrated and prepped before blending it with a sponge. She also adds that the foundation is so easy to mix and combine for the perfect shade! It covers all imperfections while still remaining invisible on screen and in real life.

Many clients want to make sure that the foundation will look good in pictures if they are going to an event. “Flashback” is a term used to describe the white cast that overshadows a photo when a foundation contains SPF and reflects badly. No one wants this-especially not after investing in a good makeup artist! If you invest in the Make Up For Ever HD Foundation, you will not be disappointed.

L'oreal Voluminous Mascara


L'oreal Voluminous Mascara is a staple in many professional makeup kits. This drugstore classic is long-loved for its formula. Unlike many mascaras, it is non-clumpy and the color is a true, dark black that people love. It can be layered beautifully without getting the eyelashes getting goopy or clustered together.

NYC based makeup artist Megan Lanoux says that she has tried endless mascaras, but always goes back to this one. It is also said that Sir John, Beyonce’s makeup artist, uses this mascara regularly on the pop star. Patrick Ta, makeup artist of many celebrities including Gigi Hadid and Kourtney Kardashian, says that he cannot live without it! The product also comes in a waterproof version, making it bulletproof in water, sweat or tears.

The drugstore price ($5-6 USD) is also a plus. For sanitation purposes, mascara should be discarded approximately once every three months from your kit. The economical price of this mascara ensures that it will not become very pricey over time. You cannot go wrong with adding this cult-favorite mascara in your kit!


Nars Orgasm Blush


The perfect flush of color can go a long way in a makeup look. Sculpting, highlighting and brightening are all steps to a flawless finish. Blush gives a soft, beautiful rosy hue to the face that is supposed to mimic the natural flushes from within. First launched in 1999, this Nars color is one of the few, if not the only pink color that can be worn on all shades. Many people say that this Nars blush is the best blush ever.

It is a peachy tone with a golden shimmer. The combination of the two ensures that a glowy, beautiful rosy look is seen on all skin tones. This blush powder leaves a natural glow to the skin on fair skin tones and leaves a realistic warmth on darker skin tones. Long loved for its universal color, there are many, many, many makeup artists who own this blush over and over again.

Finding a product that can be used on clients of all skin tones is a magical thing. NYC makeup artist Johny Saade says that the strong pigments in the blush allow the color to stand out but not appear ashy on darker skin tones. It is beautiful on fair, olive, medium, tan and dark skin tones.

The combination of pink and gold shimmer adds an additional dimension to the face. The pink hue is perfect for brightness and the gold shimmer adds a golden warmth and makes the skin glow. You cannot go wrong with adding this universal shade of blush in your kit!

The Original Beauty Blender


Almost everywhere you can see this pink, egg shaped tool used in the beauty industry. The original Beauty Blender is a trusted makeup applicator because it applies makeup streak free and it is edgeless. It can be used over and over again and can be cleaned to ensure it meets sanitation requirements. It is mostly used for applying and blending out foundations, concealers, and any other liquid or cream products.

Many pro’s and makeup artists love this tool because since only a small amount of product sits on top of the sponge, it does not absorb product. It allows a flawless application with minimum product use. Other sponges can absorb a lot of product and that can become expensive and wasteful. This tool ensures that the professional products in your kit will go a long way.

This sponge simplifies technique as it ensures makeup is completely streak-free and blended out. Many makeup pro’s swear by this tool. Ensuring a flawless application of products is essential, so investing in a beauty blender is a great decision!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz


The Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz is an ultra-slim, retractable pencil for precise detailing and creating hair-like strokes. It is an all-time favorite from makeup artists everywhere. It fills in sparse hairs while giving producing a natural looking appearance.

Makeup lovers swear by this product as it comes in many shades to mimic different hair colors and gives a full look without looking harsh. Top makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic, creator of the Master Class and makeup artist of Kim Kardashian West is an ambassador of ABH and uses this product religiously.

Among many makeup artists and lovers, I find that the topic of eyebrows is always one to come up. Many say it is the most difficult to achieve, as you want a light-hand, but at the same time fill in and sculpt the brow in a way that looks natural. The Anastasia Brow Wiz tip is very small and very precise, ensuring that every stroke looks just like another eyebrow hair.

It is very hard to go back on a bad eyebrow job. Having a brow product that mimics the natural hairs and creates a soft look will ensure that your application is seamless and natural.  There is a reason that the ABH Brow Wiz is a cult favorite by the top makeup artists all over the world, and investing in one will leave no regrets!


These are just a few of the top beauty products that the best pro makeup artists use all over the world-for good reason! Versatility and quality are both great factors that you should look when choosing makeup products for your kit.

For all our makeup programs, we hand pick each makeup product in your professional makeup kit. Products such as the Make Up For Ever HD Foundation mentioned in today’s blog post is included in our professional makeup kit. We want to ensure that we provide our students with the best tools that convey their talent and creativity. But remember, always be talented no matter what tools you’re using!