5 Ways to Book Your First Client as a Makeup Artist

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After becoming a certified professional Makeup Artist, there are many paths that you can choose to begin to form your client base and secure yourself a spot in the industry. You received a great education, learned from the best, and have your makeup kit thoroughly prepared and ready to create. This is a selection of five expert tips to begin building a dedicated client network that will set you apart and have you shine like the star you are destined to become! 

  1. Determine your niche – decide what artistic direction and specialization you wish to go with your career
  2. Build your portfolio – organize and arrange for creative opportunities with other individuals with the same goals and vision to create a strong portfolio that showcases your talented work.
  3. Social media – create business profiles on all social platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more) to promote your work
  4. Donate your time for a good cause – it’s a win-win! Offer your services for a fundraiser or auction, you’re sure to bring in a new client base!
  5. Networking – perhaps the most important! Begin to let people know of your new business and connect with those who align with your brand and services (special event planners, other small business owners, etc!)


The most important thing as you begin to develop your own personal talents and signature aesthetic is to decide which type of direction you desire to take your makeup artistry and career in. Building this groundwork will also help direct you towards reaching out and connecting with your ideal client, and ultimately booking your first (of many!) jobs. 

These initial thoughts should ideally begin while you are still in school, develop your craft, and as something to keep in mind during each new learned technique and course. Looking back to your courses; what part of the makeup industry really provided you with excitement? Was there a time you just couldn’t wait to explore the topic in more depth and begin to create? 

Whether you envision yourself focusing on editorial/set makeup artistry, television/film talent, celebrity red carpet, and stage, a bridal/special occasion event artist, or as a makeup consultant specializing in bringing the best out in everyone – the opportunities are truly endless. Makeup is the art of making people look good, and everyone can benefit from your talents. 

  1. We recommend writing down a set of goals for your first year in business, including both achievable necessities and personal dreams (acknowledging, conquering, and celebrating each milestone is always important!) and where you think your talents are best utilized (this can cover multiple ranges!). Progress is the key to success, keep on moving in the right direction, your goals can adjust and shift as you encounter new clients and professional experiences. Use this as a guide to start exploring where you would like to build out your brand and become recognized as the “best” at what you do. 
  2. Once you have figured out the direction of makeup artistry that fills you with excitement – practice, and begin to reach out and make yourself known to others! Find like-minded individuals who work in similar forms and start to make connections (this technique will be covered in more depth in the “Networking” tip!). Finding your spot in the industry and creating a plan of action to build upon will surely lead to finding and booking your first client. 


Creating a presence where your work can be found and viewed consistently and immediately is of utmost importance! Not only for your client’s review but also for your own growth and development as a talented makeup artist.  

Having a strong and professional portfolio (both available online and in high-quality print for in-person consultations) is a necessity. Your work will be the first impression that anyone ever sees, so think of it as the key to putting your best foot forward and making the right first impression which reflects the brand image you want to portray. How do you begin to create the portfolio that represents your best self and highlights your unique talents? Choose your team of collaborators wisely (representing your individual strengths and desired direction as we covered above!) and work hard to create beautiful images with the collaborative team(s) that inspire you. 

  1. Ask your advisors and mentors for recommendations, building relationships with the educators that have inspired your journey is a great key to making the right decisions that align with your ultimate vision. Share with them your goals and have specifics in mind of what you are looking to achieve, and it is almost certain they will be able to help guide you in the right direction (and even possibly provide a recommendation!) while learning from their own individual experiences. 
  2. Make yourself known and register your work! There are a multitude of online platforms that allow you to connect with collaborators for creative work (this is usually ‘TFP’ (Time For Print) – in which you receive images of your work from the photographer as compensation for your time, but is the best way to begin to establish a strong set of imagery that will impress and sell yourself for your paid clients and beyond (you also never know who you will meet on set!). 
  3. One of the most well-known platforms to register your work on is ‘Model Mayhem’. ‘Model Mayhem’ is an international platform (which you can search by opportunities within your location) and allows you to connect with other creatives (photographers, designers, stylists, etc.) to work on projects that will build your portfolio (and possibly even lead you to get published, which is another major milestone in increasing your client reach!). 
  4. Social media is also an incredible way to find creative collaborators (more tips below!), particularly through Instagram – search locally for creatives in your area (or beyond if you are willing to travel) that are aligned with your vision and reach out (and don’t be afraid to follow up!). Begin planting the seeds to building a great team of individuals that inspire your artistry, and in turn, connect with talented individuals who share your same goals on a multitude of different creative platforms.
  5. Once you have begun building your portfolio and have images to share with potential clients, create your own uniquely branded website (you can easily develop this on your own, or work with a web designer – Wix, Squarespace, and Format are great beginner platforms that are user-friendly for all). Be sure to include the best images of your work that highlights the focus of your makeup artistry clearly (keeping in mind the direction in the industry that you have begun to establish yourself towards, as we covered above in “Determine Your Niche”).  

A strong portfolio that showcases your vision effectively will lead you to build the client network of your dreams!


What better way to promote your talents than to share your skills on social media? Social media, in general, provides you with an international platform and an unlimited reach. 

The beauty of social media is you can connect with your audience (which are your potential clients!) in an interactive and inspiring format. As a makeup artist, you can build your brand through social media platforms by highlighting your unique vision and work. 

  1. Utilize those portfolio images that you have built your foundation on (and incorporate behind the scenes and in process photos as well!), and share them far and wide – Instagram and Pinterest (as well as Twitter and Facebook) are perfect platforms for this. Create your own individual makeup artist business page, as part of your own unique branding. Be sure to hashtag the key phrases and words that people search for (#beauty, #beautyoftheday, #makeup, #makeupartist, as well as your location – are just a few examples. You can also narrow this down to the direction of your individually established artistry - #editorialmakeupartist, #bridalmakeupartist, #celebritymakeupartist, etc). 
  2. YouTube is also an important platform that will allow you to gain recognition for your talents and promote your work to clients. As a makeup artist with your own YouTube channel, you can cover all topics from inspiring makeup “How-To’s”, to what the best tools are to achieve the perfect look, and even share your favorite products (and why!). Your knowledge and brand direction will be available for all to see in an engaging format that directly connects and sells your skills and artistry to clients. 
  3. As an Online Makeup Academy student or graduate, it is our goal to promote your work, milestones, and success! Be sure to tag @onlinemakeupacademy and #onlinemakeupacademy and share your best images with us, and we will share with our community to promote your business and your talented work! A free marketing benefit and tool that we are proud to offer to all of our students! 

Top social media platform recommendations to build your brand image: Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Yelp. 


It’s always important to give back to your community and to connect on a level with a cause that is important to you (and your work). Remember, as a makeup artist, you have the opportunity to inspire change and to interact with everyone on all levels; depending on what your business direction leads you in – everyone that you choose to interact with is a potential client, now, or in the future. 

Donating your time is a great opportunity to share your art with others on an inspirational level, and as the saying goes, “no good deed goes unnoticed” – so the kindness and talents that you provide are sure to spread. The people that you connect with will always remember your generosity and recommend your work to their network (ie: more potential clients), securing additional jobs, and establishing your brand image in a positive light. 


This tip is integral to success and securing your first client (and beyond!), as we’ve mentioned above, connecting this with many of the other highlighted recommendations. 

Networking never stops, but there are several select areas to key in and focus on when building your brand and identifying yourself as a makeup artist, available and ready to work!

  1. First and foremost, step outside of your comfort zone – be sure to have your “pitch” ready; introduce yourself, talents, and services (at the right place and time). Being assertive and direct (yet also always friendly and considerate!) is a key to successful networking. You should always be open in sharing your goals and what you are looking to achieve, and listening with an open mind to others as well! The creative community is one of acceptance, and working on establishing those roots will lead you to successful job opportunities and solidifying your client base. 
  2. Always have business cards and images ready; be sure the cards represent your brand image and include your direct contact information and website where people can easily refer you to work! 
  3. If you are looking to work as a makeup artist for special events (bridal, etc) – connect with those vendors in person (planners, venues, boutiques and more) who help plan these occasions. Form partnerships, exchange information and cards, share your availability and services, and discuss potential ideas for mutually beneficial collaboration. 
  4. Another great networking tip for makeup artists who are looking to establish their work for event services is to register your service through online platforms such as theknot.com (which does charge an advertising fee in order to be listed as an official vendor) or by forming partnerships with various other wedding websites that have a vendor list and bloggers who can share and highlight your work to reach your desired audience. 
  5. Assist on set - Special Note: This is one of the most important tips for anyone who is looking to break into the entertainment or fashion/beauty editorial industry. If you have the opportunity to connect with an already established editorial or celebrity makeup artist (use some of the tips for reaching out as mentioned above in BUILD YOUR PORTFOLIO and SOCIAL MEDIA!), assisting on set is a perfect way to begin to add legitimate credentials and establish your career. Being involved on a set directly where “the magic happens” for fashion and beauty campaigns, is a wonderful experience assisting in a creative process and having the opportunity to interact with different members of the team. This also allows you the opportunity to form real relationships within the industry, which in turn can eventually lead to glowing recommendations for client work within the editorial and entertainment industry. 

Make Up Artist Marketing: Knowing Your Target Audience


You know how in real estate it’s all about location, location, location? Well, if you’re looking to become a pro-MUA, it’s all about knowing who your clients are. What does this mean? For starters, it’s not about knowing all of your clients’ life stories, if that’s what you’re thinking. No, it’s about identifying potential clients based on your personal experience and professional skill set. We all have our strong points and weaknesses when it comes to our personal lives, right? Well, the same goes for your professional one. You may be amazing at doing natural makeup and bridal looks, but still struggle with gold leaf application. It’s important that you focus on providing and promoting services that match your skill set.  Now, why is this important, you may ask? For the simple reason that once you figure out who may be interested in paying for your services based on your strong suits, it will be a lot easier to tailor your marketing scheme to their specific needs, and gain a lot more clients that way. This group of potential clients is what us in marketing call: target group.

Let’s clarify this with a real-life example:

Petra Jameson is an amazing bridal MUA. Having taken both our 4 Week Intensive Makeup Artistry and 3 Week Hairstyling courses, Petra is a double MUA graduate. As such, she’s great with natural makeup looks, a wizard at airbrush, and a total expert with both strip and individual lashes. On top of that, she’s up-to-date with all the latest braids and bridal up do’s to turn her client into a blushing bride on her special day. 

So who should Petra’s "target audience" be? Clearly, she’s specialized in beauty enhancement techniques. This includes brides, proms, VIP events and other special occasions (for example, personal photoshoots). So her marketing strategy should be tailored specifically to these type of services. So how does one do that? Here are some marketing examples:

Appealing to your key demographic

We’ll say it time and time again, luck is preparation meets opportunity, so make sure the materials you present to potential clients are both professional and relevant to the services provided. And we mean everything! A Website, blog, social media, business cards, portfolio - you name it, it should all be tailored to what your clients are looking for! In marketing terms, your materials should appeal to your target demographic. Take Petra’s case for example, since she’s focusing on beauty enhancement services, a soft color palette and clean aesthetic on her website, portfolio and social media will be much more appealing to her target group then an edgy over-the-top website with high fashion looks (which, in turn, would be a great aesthetic for someone who, let’s say, specializes in runway and editorial makeup.)

Advertise your services in all the right places

A great place to start sharing your services is on beauty oriented service apps. These include JOP and Priv (to name a few), through which you’ll be able to connect with a wide range of clients on the lookout for different types of freelance services. Other websites, including theknot.com, are also a great place to advertise bridal services especially, with thousands of prospective brides visiting the site every day to prepare for the big day! Already have some experience under your belt and have a great bridal/beauty portfolio? There are many agencies throughout the city you could apply for as well. Not that experienced yet? Not to worry, you can always apply for assisting jobs! That way you’ll get valuable hands-on experience, build your portfolio, and get agencies to notice your skill set! Also, never forget that the MUA business is a word of mouth one, so don’t be afraid to ask your satisfied clients to leave you a nice review on social media or your websites, or to refer you to any friends or family members!

MAKING IT AS A MAKEUP ARTIST - How To Get Your Foot In The Door

making it as a makeup artist.jpg

Let’s face it, starting a new career can be a daunting task anywhere, and New York City is no different. But just remember, with the right tools and attitude, it doesn’t have to be! All you need is a way to get your foot in the door, and that’s why our beauty insiders gathered up 5 ways to help get you started:

Luck is preparation meets opportunity.  That’s why when an opportunity arises, the material you present should convince your potential clients of your skills, experience, and overall professionalism. That's why your materials should be presented in an upmost professional fashion.


In the beauty business, your online portfolio will become your number one marketing tool. A visual resume, if you will. This is why it should include only your best work (high resolution, and professionally taken pictures only, please!), and make sure to only incorporate 10-20 looks that both reflect your individual skill set, and that speak to your target audience. For example, there’s little use in showing off your special effects talents if you’re trying to appeal to the bridal market.


Much like your portfolio, your professional website should also be done in a clean and clear manner, as clients will judge it as an extension of your overall taste and professionalism. No budget for an expensive website? Not to worry! With online platforms like squarespace.com and wix.com making a user-friendly and visually appealing website is both easy and affordable.

Social Media

Social media is another great way to showcase your work and engage potential clients. Given that Make-Up Artistry is a visual field, Instagram and Facebook are a definite must! Alternate portfolio pics with more real-life, personal ones to give your feed a professional yet personal feel. Having trouble keeping your feed visually appealing? Sticking to a specific color palette will help you keep your feed both fresh and appealing. 

Getting Your Name Out There

Makeup Artistry is a word of mouth industry, and therefore, establishing connections with potential clients is key. Even if they don’t need an MUA right away, chances are that if you establish a connection with them beforehand, they’ll think of you first the next time they need to get their makeup done for an important event, photo shoot or professional project. Start with people you know, tell them about your business, and hand them your business card. And don’t be scared to ask them to spread the word! Ask previous clients to refer you to friends and family members if they’re happy with your services. Every little piece helps! Also, don’t be afraid to attend networking events throughout the city. As a Nina Mua student, we’ll make sure to keep you updated on all events that could benefit your career!

becoming a makeup artist.jpeg

Start At The Beginning

Working for film, runway or getting signed up by an agency requires experience and a great portfolio. That takes time. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t already get your foot in the door when you're still starting out! A great way to put your name on the MUA map is by taking an assisting job. Not only will it help you refine your skills through hands-on experience, but it’s a great way to showcase your talents, and gain a one-of-a-kind glimpse into the world of makeup artistry. 

Another great way to find potential clients is through different pro MUA services apps.  Both PRIV and JOP are dynamic platforms that make it easy to offer freelance beauty services to their wide network of clients.

Getting ready to look Springtastic!


The time is finally here to pull out your florals and your pastel colored raincoats! Are you as excited as I am? The flowers are starting to show and I thought I should share something with you to make your smile bloom with it. Spring is one of my favorite seasons in New York City. The Cherry Blossoms are all over Central Park and Park Avenue has planted their Tulips in anticipation for the season. As you can tell, I am taking five minute breaks to skip around the room because of how excited I am. 

A video posted by Nina Mua (@ninamua) on


I just spent the last hour of my time unpacking all my floral prints to put on for the season. I love color, although my job does not always permit me to wear it, I do get to sport my love for it through makeup! The bright lipsticks, the pastel new eyeshadows and now with the new hair color craze I guess that is one way to show your love for color as well! Through this post I wanted to explore the endless possibilities Spring brings us when it comes to fashion and beauty! 

As I mentioned before, I love floral prints, the dresses, the skirts. This is the season to finally start giving up our black, grey and white color wardrobe in exchange for the pastels. I know most people discourage loud makeup if you are in bold attire. But hey, where is the fun in that? Spring is perfect season to choose the wardrobe you like to represent your personal style. For example, you maybe the gal who typically prefers to be dressed in jeans and a t-shirt. Yes, it is comfortable and easy, but that does not mean the t-shirt cannot be replaced with a floral t-shirt. I also love that this is the time you could explore different styles. You may not be someone who loves wearing a skirt. This does not mean you have to step away from the florals, because taking a page out of Gucci, they launched some gorgeous bright bold colored pantsuits with some amazing prints. Yes, we cannot all afford Gucci, but there are quite a few stores such as, Asos which carry some similar styled outfits which include jumpsuits. 


Of course with these colorful outfits you can always make it pop even more by taking a few risks with your makeup. Such as, the Marc Jacobs Beauty, Highliner Gel Eye Crayon Eyeliner. The gorgeous bold color scheme liner will help you outline your eyes to match your colorful outfits as well as highlight one of your key features, your pretty eyes. Also I love Kat Von D’s everlasting liquid lipsticks, which has some great colors for all skin tones such as backstage bambi, susperia and a go-go. They are bright, bold and gorgeous! Let’s not forget to mention some of the hottest hair trends for the Spring which we are seeing on every celebrity. Lighter colors as well as the LOB. Think this is something which would catch on? There are plenty of moments I feel like I should just chop my long locks off. But you know how much I love styling it in multiple different ways. 

A video posted by Nina Mua (@ninamua) on

As you can see there are so many trends popping up just for the season. Follow me on instagram, @ninamua for more up to date trends and stay tuned for a few of my spring tutorials in the coming days! 

PS — I would love to hear back from you about what you are trying out this Spring use the #springwithninamua to get my comments and feedback! 

Portfolio Building for Makeup Artists


When I was just starting out one of the biggest challenges I went through was showcasing my work. Yes, I took pictures from my phone and managed. But photo editing wasn’t as accessible to all as it is now. So this meant working tirelessly to find photographers and models to collaborate with to build a portfolio to represent my work as a makeup artist. One thing as makeup artists we all need is a portfolio. Yes, clients look at experience, credentials and many other things, but before any of that what they look at is the portfolio. The models, the photoshoots and then they move on to your credentials.

So how do we artists starting out find a way to do this? We could always turn to websites such as Model Mayhem to find models and photographers looking to work for credit, this is of course a great way to get your work showcased. There are ample amounts you could find out there. But if you are looking for more hands on guidance and training when it comes to photoshoots, you always have different programs out there! Yes! We Nina Mua Makeup School has launched its very own Portfolio Building Makeup Program! I am very excited to share this with you. I have waited for a while to put this program together, because I know the importance and the guidance required having the best possible portfolio when embarking on this career path.

Our Portfolio Building Program includes,


  • 20 in class training hours
  • Opportunity to work closely with our photographers
  • Receive one on one attention from our experienced professional instructors
  • 4 Photoshoots
  • 5 retouched photos from EACH shoot (Total of 20 Pictures)
  • Products and Supplies needed for successful completion.

Our photoshoots are focused on topics which are vital to publicize to attract a wide variety of clientele.

The photoshoots focus on,

  • Natural Beauty
  • Glamour Makeup
  • Bridal Makeup
  • Creative Makeup

Each of these topics were handpicked by me for very specific reasons. Natural Beauty for example, we all know the clean Chanel look we see all over in the high fashion magazines, runways as well as the everyday look in most celebrities such as Kendall Jenner. This is very important for a makeup artist to perfect because if you could showcase this you are bound to have attract very high end clientele and also work in different high fashion runway shows. Glamour Makeup, the classic red lip never goes out of style, this is a given. Should I even go over with you why Bridal Makeup is of importance? But you see why I have chosen this topics for you.

Our program will give you the opportunity to work with our highly experienced instructors who will guide you on how exactly you should build your portfolio. You will not only receive the one on one attention but also, training on how to work at photoshoots using face charts, mood boards and much more.

I am extremely excited to show this program with you because it was always my goal to share with you everything I have learned throughout the past years. I know this portfolio building program is going to put the cherry on top to all that you’ve learned as a makeup artist whilst capturing your potential client attention through your best work.



I stared at my reflection for 15 minutes without even realizing it. It was a regular day at our studio here and I was getting ready to welcome a bonus class group. But do you have those days where you have an epiphany which only makes you realize something you've known all along? I was having one of those moments. I genuinely love makeup. Not because I believe we need it, but because it is something which we could use to empower ourselves any way we want to. Ancient women did it, using different trees and fruits to stain their lips and faces to get color. But where did we learn it all? I know in today’s age we have all this technology, we could access anything, anywhere. I mean look at you, you are reading my thoughts right now on a screen. We millennials have been spoiled with convenience. But truly, where did the craze begin?


Remember when we used to watch our moms put on those bright red lipsticks and we would just wait standing next to her hoping she would let us play with all those bright colors? I know I was anxious to get my hands on it. And then we would even pair it up with some heels which were too big for our tiny feet and a bag or clutch which is too big for us to even hold. Haven't we all had those moments? I know I did, and I know my mom did with her own mom. The craze did not start when Kim Kardashian decided to contour her face or the Dita Von Teese put out her new makeup line. It started with our moms, and their moms, it dated back to generations and generations of women who put different things on their face to make themselves feel more attractive or follow a tradition. 


Today, I am not only a makeup artist but a teacher as well. I have the privilege to teach anyone how to empower themselves or others and I am constantly humbled by the opportunity. I get to take those moments I shared with my mother and turn it in to a career. When everyone asked me why teach, all I could think about was the moment I first put on lipstick as a little girl, and feeling really very beautiful. I have learned from some of the best in the business and now I am here to pass that knowledge on to many more. Beauty does come from within. I believe in that. But the ability to give confidence to that beauty and grow it is something a makeup artist can do. This was the prime goal I had in mind when I created our 5 Week Extensive Program. Because I wanted to share something more comprehensive with everyone out there. We are in the digital age where the demand for makeup artists are higher than ever. We have photographers and videographers who are in a constant need for makeup artists. There is a new line of products and tricks every day which we are expected to know. The 5 Week Program provides you with all the training you require and much more, 

The 5 Week Program includes, 

— Level 1 & 2 Beauty and Fashion

— 5 Hours a day in class hands on training 

— One on one attention from our experienced instructors 

— A class dedicated to marketing focusing on, 

  • Building a website
  • Social Media
  • How to build a website 
  • Freelancing

— Two Photoshoots which will provide you with, 

  • Retouched Pictures
  • Backstage Reel 
  • Credit
  • First hand experience working on set with photographer 

— An amazing makeup kit jam packed with Make Up For Ever Products which we all professional makeup artists love and is considered one of the top brands in the industry. 


As you can see, the program was created to not just teach but to give you the experience upon graduation. I created this program with the sole purpose of making sure that we here do our best to give you everything needed to succeed. 

My first teacher was my mom. I know we all had that one figure who influenced our life in some way which brought us here to this precise moment we are living in now. I understand the responsibility I take when my team and I take on students who come to me and say they want to be makeup artists and I believe our programs reflect just that. I cannot wait to meet all of our potential students out there and to all those who are considering signing up for our 5 week program, it really is one of our best yet. 



start your career as a makeup artist.jpg

We all love makeup! As much as we all want to believe that we can live without it, today society has only proven time and time again that it is a fad which is going to be around for a long time. I wish I had someone tell me where to start when I wanted pursue makeup artistry. But lucky for all of us, you have so many resources out there to educate you on where to jump start your career in the field. 

PRACTICE!!!!!! The mantra in my school is, “PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT!” And it really does! Because what people fail to tell you is that you are not going to be able to get that perfect cat eye overnight. You could attend the best institution with the best instructors, supplied with the best makeup. But at the end of the day it is up to you to pave your path towards by repeating everything you’ve learned multiple times. When I say multiple times, I mean, practice on anyone and anything you can find. You need to train your hands to create the vision you have in your mind. You do this, the creative talent you are born with will soon not just be a talent, but a career as well. 

Makeup Artists are their very own entrepreneurs. So it is up to you where you start. It also depends on how well you have managed to represent your skill set through your portfolio. When I say this, know that it is your portfolio which most people will see before they hire you. As makeup artists you must have the capability to build your portfolio by simply hiring your own models. This is not always an expensive task. Majority of the models will work for credit. So will photographers. www.modelmayhem.com is a great resource for this. 

As much as I want to say we makeup artists are just simply born with the talent. A lot of it is nurtured through a proper education. It is very important that we start from the basics and learn the difference between skin tones and undertones. Once you combine your education, your talent and the skills you managed to perfect through constant practice, you will be unstoppable. 

Identifying and determining your level of understanding in makeup artistry is vital to your growth. It is important that you know that education like in all fields is important when it comes to makeup as well. If you are only watching YouTube tutorials, or not constantly practicing or even only doing the makeup on yourself. Know that you are far from being a makeup artist. But what I do advice is that all this is a clear indication that you love one thing, and that is makeup. Through education and dedication you can grow to be a truly amazing makeup artist. Know that, it is up to you to run as far as possible with the tools provided to you! 

3,2,1 Are We Ready Yet?


Have we all picked out the ideal ensemble for thanksgiving dinner yet? I am still debating between a few options, but then again it could get really confusing when you feel there are a few perfect fits. Plus as a nature lover, it gets me even more frazzled when I keep seeing gorgeous colors in the midst of my daily routine strolls. I know my last post spoke about how we should let our surroundings inspire our style this season. I also mentioned about how I am fully aware about the overload of hair and makeup tutorials which we all have access to. But hey, who doesn't love a good tutorial? I decided to post something because, in the midst of baking a turkey, or setting the table, we don't really have time for major hair updo’s and advanced eye applications. So here is something for you to try out in the middle of all the chaos. It took me approximately 30 minutes to put together the whole look. Even if you are not an experienced makeup artist, or if you are simply looking to try something new, the most time it will take to accomplish this look will be a hour. 

I used quite a few of my favorite products for this tutorial. As we all know skin preparation is key to flawless, long lasting makeup. I used Cleansing Miscellar Water, to remove makeup, dirt, impurities and unclog my pores.Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré, to moisturize and hydrate. Shiseido Benefiance Wrinkle Resist 24, for the eye area. Next, for foundation I used, Dior Airflash Spray Foundation. Followed by concealer Yves Saint Laurent TOUCHE ÉCLAT - Radiant Touch. 

I know most artists recommend doing your eyeshadow before moving on to foundation to make it easier to clean the additional pigments which may stain your skin. But it is up to you to decide in which order you want to complete your look. For eye shadow, I chose Shany The Masterpiece Refill Layer 'All Day Affair' 28-color EyeshadowYou could see I chose a color palette which is perfect for the fall season with all their warm shades. Another reason I chose this palette is because it has various color options for different skin tones. I finished off my eyebrows with STUDIOMAKEUP Brow Perfection Pencil Blond

Final few touches, Josie Maran Argan Enlightenment Illuminizer  and BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed to get the perfect glow. One of my favorite cream based palettes which could be used as a blush and lipstick, theBalm cosmetics How ‘Bout Them Apples? for blush. 


Quite a few products. But do not let that throw you off. I guarantee you, if you take a moment to look at all these products and decide what is absolutely needed for your skin tone and your look, this will be easier. Makeup differs according to each one of us. So as much as there are various different looks out there and we artists put together different videos to help you get these looks, you need to understand that it is up to you to make the final decision of what is necessary. 

Moving on to Hair! This will take you five minutes. It does sound like I am making this up because I know whenever we drag out the hair irons, it takes at least another additional 30 minutes more to complete your look. But, one of my past tutorials will show you how easy it is to get the perfect curls without using any heat at all. You could curl your hair while basting a turkey! I promise you, this is a simple process, check my last tutorial out here on Instagram. Again, as I mentioned before, it is up to you to decide what you want to go with, to add the braid or not. It varies according to all of us and how much time we have. But, if you decide to do it I hope my tutorial made it a little easier. 


As you can see, even though I chose a few colors for my eyeshadow, I still kept it closer nude shades as I chose a dress with a loud print. Plus, since thanksgiving is a holiday where we stay indoors a lot with our family, I didn't want to put together a look with heavy makeup which would be uncomfortable for most of us. 


Every thanksgiving we all go through this process of working hard to bring our families together for the perfect meal. We work on making sure everything is impeccable. Because we know even though our family loves us, they also end up being our biggest critics. But this holiday season remember regardless of what you do with your hair, how long you spend shopping to buy the perfect dress, you are beautiful, everything else you add on is a compliment to that.  

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